This Total Chak De India Moment at the FIFA World Cup 2018 Will Shock You

FIFA world cup 2018 has been memorable in many ways but it just became extra special for England. England round of 16 win against Columbia changed their game forever. Under the coaching of Gareth Southgate, the team became the first English squad to win a penalty shootout.

 This moment reminded us of Chak De India.

In the movie Chak De India, Shahrukh Khan had a similar story as Gareth. After losing a penalty in a hockey match to Pakistan, Shahrukh became one of the most hated person in India. After many years by coaching women hockey team in a world cup he does the redemption.

It was nothing less than England’s Chak De moment.

Gareth missed a penalty shootout in 1996 in EURO Championship and after so many years here he did the redemption.

When both the teams had two chances left, the match got very crucial.

After Jordan Henderson missed his penalty in the FIFA, England fans were left biting their fingers.  But their goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford, came to rescue and England won it. The team later celebrated their win with their coach.

Gareth Southgate has been a coach, friend and mentor to his team just like Shahrukh khan was in Chak De India.

The team win in FIFA became the redemption story for Southgate. Even the emotions at the winning moment were almost the same of Shahrukh in the movie and Gareth in real. no one can deny the resemblance of Gareth to that movie charcter.

After watching this filmy scenario, people reacted on twitter.

Redemptive moment for Gareth Southgate after 22 years.

Surely, God always has a plan.

Indeed it was an emotional moment for the whole country.

The coach has been a perfect mentor to his team as well, just like Shahrukh’s character in Chak De India.

The young goalkeeper just couldn’t feel any less proud and posted the game changing moment.

After this win, people of England are having really high hopes to see the World cup coming home.

It seems as we are watching Chak De India in real.

However, lets see if this Chak De moment leads to their win of World cup.

Shahrukh Khan’s team came back home with the World cup. Now lets see if the end is the same for Gareth and Shahrukh’s teams as well or not.


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