All the Myths and Misconceptions about Shia Muslims – BUSTED

More often than not Shia Muslims have to convince other Muslims of their undying faith in Allah and the finality of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. There are so many misconceptions about Shia Muslims that one has to think where it even originated from? Some of them are gross, some are impractical and some are even downright funny.

Everyone who has read a little about history would know that these are not true.

Quite frankly, most of the people who believe in misconceptions about Shia Muslims are the ones who have never read anything themselves.

These Chinese whispers have made so many people wary of the sect and increased differences between the Muslim Ummah. Mostly though, you will keep hearing the same concocted stories time and again. Instead of taking it to heart, let us try and reason through all of the misconceptions about Shia Muslims.

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