This Baker in Dubai Celebrates Nawaz Sharif Verdict With a Behind The Bar Cake

On Friday, Pakistani ex-prime minister, Nawaz Sharif verdict came which sentenced him to 10 years’ imprisonment in a corruption case. After it was revealed in Panama papers, Nawaz Sharif was proved guilty in Avenfield corruption case. The involvement of his daughter, Maryam Nawaz, was also proved and she was sentenced to 7-year imprisonment.

As Islamabad Accountability Court gave this Nawaz Sharif verdict, people were thrilled.

The people of the country were seen celebrating this news like a festival on the roads. Many distributed sweets among each other. A lot of people were seen doing bhangra and luddi on the roads.

Social media was filled with trolling of ex- prime minister and his daughter.

People were seen posting memes on Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz after the verdict. A lot of trolling was done on the social media.

People compared Nawaz Sharif verdict with Pablo Escobar.

So na-ehal that can’t be an admin of WhatsApp group.

The celebrations were not limited to Pakistan.

Pakistanis all-over the world celebrated this Nawaz Sharif verdict. Many British-Pakistanis were seen outside the Avenfield apartments showing their satisfaction with the news.

A Dubai based Pakistani baker also celebrated this occasion by baking a Nawaz Sharif behind the bar cake.

Khadija Ammad, a Dubai based Pakistani baker of Sugar Cube made this cake featuring Nawaz Sharif in a monochrome prison dress behind the bars. The cake had “GONE” written on it as a message. As soon as she posted the picture of the cake on Facebook, people got excited and it was filled with comments.

The baker said that this cake was her husband, Ammad Ahmad Khan’s idea.

“It was my husband’s idea as he was very excited after knowing about Nawaz Sharif’s verdict. So, he suggested to me to design a cake showing him behind the bars.”

She gave out all the details of the cake.

It was a vanilla flavored moist cake with praline sauce filling and weighted 3kgs. Soon, the cake was bought for 300 Dihrams by another Pakistani man to celebrate the happy moment.

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