Here’s What Sonam Kapoor Ahuja Said About Pakistan

It’s no surprise that India and Pakistan has a love, hate relationship. Since the beginning of time, both countries have been fluctuating between these two emotions. There’s no middle ground here. Whatever the circumstances, Pakistanis have always supported and loved Bollywood. Our generation has grown up watching Bollywood films. We are crazy about the Indian celebrities. Therefore, when she shared that Sonam loves Pakistan on her Insta stories, our hearts filled with joy and happiness.



During a Q&A session, she shared that Sonam loves Pakistan.

While answering the questions via the new ‘Ask me anything’ feature on Instagram, one fan asked her to share her thoughts about Pakistan. Being the straightforward person she is, the answer was short and sweet that Sonam loves Pakistan. She also mentioned that she cannot wait to visit Pakistan. This answer has made all her Pakistani fans very happy.

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