Designers in Pakistan have Released Some Special Election Merchandise

As elections are approaching, Pakistanis are going crazy about the political game. Politicians are doing their best to gain maximum votes by running different campaigns. Whereas, voters are also showing their support for their beloved parties in unique ways. Designers are also not staying back. Some designers came up with election kurtas.

In 2013 elections, Karma was the first one to introduce this concept.

Maheen Kardar of Karma is the pioneer of election kurtas. They came up with their collection in support of PTI chairman, Imran Khan. The kurtas had Imran Khan’s pictures on it and was available in varies colors.

The popular photographer, Irfan Ahsan, invited all the buyers of this collection for a free photo.

These kurtas had a hype in last elections. Even Irfan Ahsan invited all the Lahori buyers of it to a park for a free picture.

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