It is about Time Slice Juice Tries a Different Less Female Objectifying Campaign

When we turn on television, we see more advertisements than the actual show. Maximum time of the transmission is given to the brands sponsoring the shows.  However, the one thing similar in most of the ads is objectification of women. We see majority of brands using women to get attention of their consumers. One of the biggest example of such a brand is Slice juice.

Slice juice has been using female objectification in their campaigns.

Slice is a popular mango juice by PepsiCo. Whereas, Katrina Kaif has been their brand ambassador since the beginning.

In almost every campaign of Slice juice, we see sexual objectification of women.

They only focus on showing sexual appeal since mostly the concept is not even related to the product. Katrina Kaif is is often seen making sexual expressions holding a mango.

In their first ad, Katrina was shown at a waterfall in an orange dress.

There she is seen holding a mango making sexual expressions. Then the marketers use sexual appeal by focusing on her lips and dripping water.

In another ad, Katrina is having a swyamvar with mangoes.

Another of the brands TVC, shows Katrina dressed as a bride and having a swyamvar with mangoes. Camera is focused on her lips with dripping mango juice.

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