Imran Khan Victory Speech Won Over People’s Heart Yet Again.

imran khan victory speech

As election 2018 are over and we know the unofficial result that PTI won majority of the seats. People of Pakistan are overwhelmed by the results and celebrating. Imran Khan victory speech just added new heights to their happiness. The speech was more than perfect and increased the hopes of Pakistani to next level.

Imran Khan addressed Pakistanis at 4 pm today and gave one of the most balanced speech ever.

The next prime minister of Pakistan’s speech started with common people and ended with common people. All his agenda was for the problems of a common Pakistani. He delivered his message in a very simple way so that every common person could understand.

His speech highlighted all the important issues of Pakistan.

He said he will show how a country can increase income by decreasing the taxes. He promised he won’t be living in the lavish prime minister house. Also, suggested that the big, luxuries governor house and prime minister house should be converted into educational institutes.

Khan sahib had a very humble message for his rivals.

He forgave everyone who has ever worked against him and openly offered a hand of friendship. Imran Khan also suggested that whoever is complaining about rigging should come forward and we all will investigate the issue together.

Written by Aqsa Maryam

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