Excitingly Unexpected Twists and Turns of Elections 2018

Let’s all take a long breath and sigh in relief that election fever has subsided. The whole nation is ecstatic over Imran Khan’s win and the legendry cricketer turned politician has melted the nation’s heart by his VICTORY SPEECH! Elections 2018 were full of drama, suspense and nervousness. No denying the fact that not everything turned out the way it was expected for many. So let’s pour light over a few unexpected election results 2018:


Saad Rafique Vs Imran Khan


The PTI Chief Imran Khan got 84,313 votes while Khawaja Saad obtained 83,633 from NA 131. There has been a nail biting suspenseful response to the constituency results. With continuously updating results of this particular constituency and unofficial reports showing different leads in every updated report. Finally when the final count came in crowning Imran Khan the winner, Lahoris were joyous. This particular constituency received large scale protests in the last elections when final results were announced! And this time people are satisfied that the vote counts were not mishandled!

PML-N candidate Waheed Alam Khan has defeated PTI’s Yasmeen Rashid from NA 125

According to reports PML-N Waheed Alam Khan received 122,327 votes while Yasmin Rashid won 105,857 votes. This constituency was one of the MOST important one for Team Nawaz  as the former prime minister won a seat from this constituency in 2008 followed by another win in 2013 by Kulsoom Nawaz. Continuing the legacy, PML-N has bagged this seat yet again!

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