‘Padman’ Is Akshay Kumar’s Best Work Till Date

So if you haven’t watched “Padman” already this article is going to give you solid reasons why you should. The movie is about a real life hero Lakshmikant aka Padman.

In recent times Akshay Kumar and wife Twinkle Khanna have taken it upon themselves to talk more openly about social and hygienic issues in India. The last movie he starred in was “Toilet” which was based on issues related to a vast majority of people in India defecating in public places.

Padman raises the issue of menstrual hygiene in women. Only a bare minimum percentage of women use sanitary pads either because they are unaware or because they are too expensive. This is a basic need for all women and one man, Lakshmikant, raised his voice and actually did something about this. The taxes and profit margins in the making of these sanitary pads must be called out and Lakshmi did exactly that.

The story revolves around the real life struggles of Lakshmi aka Padman, who is concerned of his wife’s health after finding out that she uses a dirty cloth during her menstruation cycle.

He goes on to buy a sanitary pad packet for her which she refuses to take because it is too expensive. Coming from a low income background, Lakshmi takes it upon himself to make his wife the perfect sanitary pad. He tries various ways and fails a number of times. His family, sisters and wife are all embarrassed of his actions because even talking about the topic of menstruation is a taboo.

Akshay Kumar took this story and made it into something people will remember. What he did best was help Lakshmi’s message go further while also giving a hygiene lesson to women in India. According to the movie, only 12% women use a sanitary pad in India. This movie will serve as an awareness campaign for all those who do not consider basic sanitary rules in India seriously.

A Lesson on Conviction

The level of conviction Lakshmi has with his endeavor is considerably remarkable. He fails time and again but never loses sight of what he wants to do for his wife. He makes mistakes left, right and center and those cost him his entire family. He has to leave his village because he is seen as a down cast. He goes through so much and yet his efforts never stop. Doing odd jobs and making his way up the ladder he is able to find a solution for the problem that many women face. What is striking here is that Lakshmi has that conviction for a problem that does not even affect him directly. It is a woman’s problem, his wife’s problem, yet he owns it and makes a solution.

Anything for Love

When you look at it from a certain perspective, the most amazing feats in this world have all been done in the name of love. Lakshmikant did what he did because he loved his wife dearly. He understood the health issues she could face if she kept using that ragged old cloth. He made sure, in whatever way that he could, that he gave his wife a better way out.

Money Matters but Not All the Time

Padman is a movie with a lesson. It shows that if you set your mind to something you can make it happen. Lakshmi is an icon and a real hero for all of us, male or female. He developed the technology for the manufacture of sanitary pads at minimum costs. If he got his machine patented he could have earned millions for it. He realized that what he wanted to do was a bigger cause than just earning some money. He has proved to the whole world that money is not everything and sometimes only when your conscience is satisfied have you done something good.

Akshay Kumar has not only performed well as an actor but he has also made his mark as a social worker, an activist and a humanitarian.

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