Sana Safinaz Become #THEGameChangers with Most Racist Campaign

It is that time of the year again. Over-priced lawn clothes that do not last the season, the massive confusion between semi-formal and casual clothing and the out-of-stock boards outside all major designer shops. Summer time is shopping time for Pakistanis. Sana Safinaz has hit the season with the most racist campaign ever.

 Along with all the craze for designer lawn and to keep maintaining the demand not everything the designers come up with is original and creative. The lawn designs are notably repetitive with the same style and designs being recycled every now and then. While we give the benefit of doubt to designers some times because creativity isn’t always a hit; we just could not ignore what Sana Safinaz put up this year as their Spring Summer collection.

They released their full Lawn 2018 collection on 8th of March posting pictures on their Instagram. The entirety of the shoot had been filmed in Kenya (?). The models wear fancy jewelry and over-priced lawn dresses in front of giraffes and ostriches (??). Moreover, the extras in the shoot are actual dark-skinned Kenyan people. Dressed in ragged clothing they stand a few meters behind the models humbly holding an umbrella up for them (???).

Sana Safinaz use the hashtag #THEGameChangers while the only game they have changed is how to become more sexist. The campaign has really tried cultural appropriation which is totally uncool. The marketing team has managed to take us back a couple of hundred hours and the whole ensemble just looks like they’re promoting slave culture. With so many campaigns against such societal issues worldwide, Sana Safinaz has outdone itself in creating a racist image.

The brand’s basic target audience is the elite class of Pakistan, since their clothes are already too expensive to be even afforded by middle class families. The brand has received massive backlash on their images and how they have portrayed the Kenyan people. People have generally agreed that the campaign is racist and insensitive towards black people.

The race has been used to feed the racist consumerism of the brand. We are all just asking the same question though: WHY SANA SAFINAZ????

Their Instagram feed has been crawling with negative comments related to the campaign. The designer have made a name for their exceptional work and the Insta account alone has a 642k following. A lot of the followers have been talking of boycotting the lawn 2018 collection to show their resentment towards the racist campaign.

Even if we do not talk about the designs and the pricing of the lawn dresses, the visual campaign alone has been a total put off for the general public. The designers have tried to be different in their own way but that has completely backfired. The campaign was a complete miss from the mark and has only led to a bad image of the brand.

Things like these are never tolerable in any part of the world. The world is changing and becoming more sensitive to racial discrimination than ever now. Sana Safinaz has yet to say anything relating to the massive backlash on their campaign. The images are still up on their Instagram account and there have been no explanations whatsoever.      

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