5 Childhood Memories Every 90s Kid Will Have

If you were born in the 90s, you probably had or still have these things at your home. Pakistani families have the best bond and we’ve made a lot of irreplaceable memories from our childhood. Here are some of the things that will remind of those good times:

1. SINGER Sewing Machine:

Almost every house had that old black sewing machine that our mothers used for sewing our cute little frocks and shirts. Admit it that you loved to listen to that grrr sound the machine used to make. I loved to listen to that and I could watch my mother spinning the wheel of that machine for hours! XD  

2. Danish Butter Cookie/Thread Reel Box: 

If you’re from a brown family, you know very well that your mother does not like to throw things away. She’ll always come up with something to reuse things just like this deceptive box of cookies that never actually had cookies in them! Honestly, even today if I this box anywhere, I do nottt open it because I know the box is a trap set by the company that makes it because the box never had cookies in them in the first place. 

3. Weird spices in old jam jars 

No matter how rich or poor you are in Pakistan, your empty jam jars are used to put kitchen spices in them. I wonder if this happens in our Prime Minister’s kitchen too? Kyun bai Mian sahab?

4. VCR 

Like many other Pakistani family, we used to live in a joint family system and our grandmother let us watch a movie only on weekends and that was one of the most awaited part of our Sundays. The whole family used to sit after dinner in front of the old styled television and one of the family member would clean the VCR with a paper or a Rs. 5 note and we would anxiously wait for the film to start . THOSE WERE THE DAYS! 

5. Fish Hunting – Best Childhood Game 

The adrenaline rushes we had while competing with our siblings or cousins while playing this game was indescribable. It had so many different color of fish and fish rods and each one of us had their favorite lucky rod and somehow, we never fought on taking each other fish rods. Umm well, maybe because we were not allowed to fight with each other or our Dado would punish the whole squad for misbehaving. Nothing really in this world can replace that game and all the other games we used to play in our childhood! 

We hope you liked this sweet visit down the memory lane. Tag your childhood with whom shared all these things or leave a comment if you want us to know about some other things that we all used to have in our childhood. 


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