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10 Most Famous Stage Drama Actresses From Pakistan And Their Lifestyles

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Once, the stage dramas of Pakistan were very famous and loved. However, as the time passed, it all went downhill. Vulgarity and nudity took hold of our stage dramas. They were no longer for families. Now, the only people who watch them are those who wait for the ‘item number’ and enjoy cheap comedy. There was a time when stage drama actresses were respected and loved for their work. Unfortunately, it’s not the case anymore.

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Here’s the list of 10 famous stage drama actresses.

1. Nargis

If you are familiar with Pakistani stage dramas and films, you must be aware of one of the popular stage drama actresses, Nargis. Born with the name Ghazala, she has been working since she was 9 years old. She has worked in multiple films and dramas. Initially, she opened a beauty salon, Mishi and worked there with her sister. However, she started working in films and made a name for herself. In 2002, Nargis told the media that former Inspector Abid Boxer tortured and beat her. Later, the inspector was dismissed. Now Nargis is a mother of two kids and lives in Toronto, Canada, with her kids and husband.

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