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What do you Think Naya Pakistan Should be Like? What is your opinon?

What do you want to change? Handwriting on a napkin with cup of espresso coffee

As Imran Khan’s campaign song sings” Jab aye ga Imran, bane ga Naya Pakistan”, people are expecting to see a Naya Pakistan now.

Pakistani have really high hopes from this New Pakistan. With Khan’s win, we saw many pictures of excited Pakistanis on social media with the caption of “Welcome to Naya Pakistan”. We would love to know what you expect from Naya Pakistan.

So we came up with few Questions for you to answer.

Please answer the following Questions in comment section.

1.What Do you Want in Naya Pakistan?

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2. What strategies would you expect Naya Pakistan to make to fight global warming?

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3. What changes would you like to see in educational system of Naya Pakistan?

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4. What measurements could government take to make it a better country for women?

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5. How can it be made safer place for minorities?

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6. How can the justice system be improved for common people?

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7. How will we fight the water crisis in Naya Pakistan?

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8. How will Naya Pakistan help in playing a role in improving the image of our religion all over the world?

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9. What steps would you expect to be taken in Naya Pakistan to work on mental health issue?

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Written by Aqsa Maryam

Someone obsessed with online shopping, always waiting for the delivery guy. Favorite place in the whole world is my room. I can stay there alone all day long looking at the walls and will still enjoy it.
Another obsession is my nephew. Because of him, i know all the baby rhymes.

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