Four Hotel Booking in New York If You’re On A Tight Budget

New York, also famous as the city that never sleeps, is the epitome of life. People are always heading towards somewhere and the streets are never empty. Life in New York is fast paced and hectic. In the busy lifestyle, you want to have information easily available and being able to make fast decisions for yourself. The first ever decision you’d have to make for yourself before even entering the magical city is a place to live. Until you find a permanent residence, you must be able to book a hotel in which you’ll be staying for a few days until you find the right spot to live for you. Here are some suggestions on hotel booking in New York if you are going budget friendly:

1 Mojoy Homesuites At Runyon

The Mojoy Homesuites At Runyon is situated at the Runyon St, Newark. The hotel is rated by 3.6 by its customers, which is fairly good. If you’re going as a tourist, the place is approximately 30min away from major sightseeing places like The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge, if you are travelling by car. Moreover, the location is at a 5 min walk from subway. The location costs Rs. 10,904 or 69.54 USD per night which is a fairly good deal.

2 Red Carpet Inn – Newark Airport

Off the Garden State Parkway, this modest budget hotel is 4 miles from the Newark Liberty International Airport and 7 miles from the Thomas Edison National Historical Park. The colorful, unpretentious rooms come with complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs, as well as minifridges. It is situated at the Union Ave, Irvington. The only impressive feature of this place is sadly the price. Everything is pretty standard and has been rated 3 from users. While there were some very good reviews, the bad reviews will definitely make you think twice on booking that hotel. A single night stay at this hotel is 9500 PKR or 60.5 USD. We recommend that keep this hotel as your last resort and even then only when you’re in the city for a short visit.

3 Riviera Hotel

So, this one straight away says that they offer services for those looking for a cheaper price. Obviously, with a cheaper price comes a fairly miserable stay. They are rated fair by the consumers. The pictures shown are honestly impressive but the reviews tells another opposite story. Moreover, the hotel is minimum an hour away from tourist sites. A single night stay will cost you 9800 PKR or 62.5 USD.

4 Explore Hotel and Hostel

Surprisingly the most expensive option from the above three is this one with even lower ratings. The price per night is 11300 PKR or 72.6 USD. The place again looks very appealing in pictures. The hostels are not pretty and do not stand out on the street, it definitely cannot be called as a second home for you, but if you’re staying for a few hours or are very tight on budget then you can consider this option considering the circumstances you will be in. It is also near to public transport.

These are some comparatively cheaper options to consider getting in New York. We also suggest you that no matter why you are going there, it is an important factor that as a tourist and as a resident, you will be spending very less time in the hotel. Therefore, we suggest getting a cheaper one so that you can spend the rest of the money somewhere more important.

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