With Shadi Season Comes December Sale Season

December is everyone’s favorite month. While youngsters enjoy shadi season the most in December, the aunties enjoy the December discount season on some brands gets on two times with one at the beginning and another at the end of the month. While the sales have a lot to offer we want you to at least think it through on what you want you to want to spend on and how much.

Save up this shadi season!

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The most attractive thing about this December sale is that every brand puts its luxury collection on sale. So, whether you’re planning for a cousin’s shadi or even your own, do give Gul Ahmed, Nishat, Al Karam, and other clothing brands. The luxury collection sale offers at least 30% off. Imagine getting a 16,000 rupee branded and luxury suit in just 8,000 rupees. Crazy, right?

Stack up your winter wardrobe

The winter collection sale before winters is nothing but a blessing in disguise. If you’re a sale freak and only shop when the sale is on, we suggest stacking up your winter wardrobe with cool trendy sweaters. Even if you don’t plan on wearing them these winters you can always save them up for next season as the winter fashion doesn’t change drastically but the prices sure do.

Buy some cool shoes!

The cold fuzzy winters urge you to buy shoes that keep you warm. For cities that do not really get to enjoy winters much like Karachi, still, go to northern areas in winters a lot. So, whether or not you need them now we suggest you purchase them anyway because they will come in use when needed.

Christmas Sale 

December sale brings Christmas sales and That. Must. Not. Be. Missed. If you’re dedicated enough try making a list and grab the most important thing first. We suggest grabbing pants, shoes, and coats first! Since Pakistanis cannot benefit from this opportunity we suggest talking to your relatives living there. Even if that is not possible you can still get your hands on sales that are happening here on local brands.

Mark Black Friday on Calendar

Black Friday sale comes in December. It gets crazy on streets on Black Friday. We again suggest you go prepared for Black Friday. Companies are now even offering Blessed, white and other Friday sales. So, mark your December for these sale days so you do not forget at all.


These are the December brand sales preparation that you should start doing. Make this month an opportunity to change your wardrobe fully with minimum prices. Tell your friends, family, and colleagues about it. Make a WhatsApp group for it, get in touch with friends and plan an entire sales day out with them.

So, are you excited about this December? Comment, share and comment below and tell us what will you be buying from December sales this year!

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