Some Reasons Why Your Kids Need to Stop Watching Doraemon

Doraemon is Japanese cartoon shown on Disney channel. They are dubbed in Hindi language. The cartoons are about a robot who lives with a kid, Nobita. Nobita is an innocent child and always use Doraemon and his gadgets for his help.

The main characters of the cartoons are Nobita, Doremon, Jiyan, Suniyo and Shazuka

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Since these cartoons are becoming an obsession as they are telecast 24/7 on the channel. Children are becoming addicted to it.


Though we are worried about the children watching them as they are having some negative impacts.

A lot of people are considering banning these cartoons and we couldn’t agree more. These cartoons are having a very negative impact on children. Doraemon is a big threat to our young generation. There are some reasons why it should be banned for our children.


 Promotes bullying and violence.

Nobita is shown to be a target of bullying by his strong friends, Jiyan and Soniyo. Jiyan and Soniyo are considered strong. Therefore, it encourages bullying among children as it leaves them believing that violent bullies are better off.


Hindi language is being promoted.

As doraemon is dubbed in Hindi, these cartoons promote the language. Hindi is what all Pakistanis most definitely want to avoid but it gets difficult when our children watch doraemon 24/7. We often hear children using Hindi words in their everyday conversation. To avoid this, parents need to put restrictions.


It teaches that Revenge is necessary.

It is shown that Nobita is a weak child and often gets bullied by Jiyan and Suniyo. He seeks revenge through help from Doraemon and never lets anything fly by. He is always determined to put them in troublesome situations and never forgives. This is teaching our children that fighting back and revenge is a necessity.


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