Five Hideous Bollywood trends That Never Should Have Existed

Bollywood rises up every day with new and equally interesting news and scandals. The most interesting thing about Bollywood news is nothing but fashion. Bollywood movies are known to start a fashion trend that never should have existed. Even the most iconic celebrities have been seen wearing clothes that didn’t make any sense or style statement and it probably never will. Here are some weird fashion Bollywood trends the world has witnessed:

1 Neon Colors

Well this trend mainly started in the late 90’s and stayed a long period. Be it Shahrukh Khan and Kajol in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Saif Ali Khan in Dil CHahta Hai, everyone has sinned fashionably. The neon trend made its way very smoothly to the general public and in early 2000’s you could fitted, neon colored shirts everywhere on the road. The saddest part about it is that even though the celebrities stopped carrying that sense of style, the general public somehow somewhere still loves it

2 Torn Jeans

This is another trend to which we haven’t been able to put a stop to. We are not sure if the torn jeans trend started from Hollywood or Bollywood, but Bollywood sure made it a part of their film wardrobe whenever they could. We disapprove torn denims!

3 Floral men shirts

Bollywood really is experimental with looks and fashion. It’s like one Gaga of Hollywood inspired the whole Bollywood industry for all the wrong reasons. Floral men shirts before Bollywood were not an approved trend in the Eastern part of the world. While we have seen some very pretty floral men shirts in Hollywood, the Bollywood disappointed us in this scene. We don’t want our Bollywood heroes to wear a floral shirt until and unless they’re off to Coachella.

4 Everything Govinda wore

Govinda, a big name of Bollywood introduced Aishwarya rai Bacchan and bad fashion sense to Bollywood.

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