4 Questions To Ask Yourself To Be Safe From Travel Insurance Scams

If you’re a traveler or you are willing to become one, travel insurance plans need to be sought out even before planning the destination. The insurance industry, however, is one of the biggest revenue generating company that the general public views as a scam. It is true that buying travel insurance puts you at risk for getting scammed but it does not mean that you don’t get it ever. Getting travel insurance is as important as getting an air ticket for travelling. Therefore, ask yourself these five important questions before buying a travel insurance policy to save yourself from getting scammed:


Who Is Selling it?

Before everything else, you need to gather information about the company or the policy broker that is selling you any policy. One thing that you must understand is that getting travel insurance from an individual travel agent or any single entity selling you a travel insurance at random places like airports, outside malls etc. put you at the highest risk of getting scammed. While this may be true that individual travel agents may try to scam you but it is certainly is not true for all of them. Therefore, either get in touch with a renowned insurance company or get information about the broker as much as you can.


Is The Agent Licensed?

Another important question before signing any policy is to ask the agent if he is licensed to sell travel insurance policy or not. Ignoring this question puts you at a higher risk of getting scammed in this lengthy process. 


What Are The Policy Names?

Some fake policy names also try to scam you if you’re not informed enough about travel insurance policies. We suggest you to go through the different policy names and their meaning so that you know what’s legitimate and what’s not. Browse through the internet and know what is luggage insurance, trip cancellation and interruption etc.


How Many Times Did You Go Through The Travel Insurance Policy?

One thing that you will need throughout this process is patience. Rushing through the process is going to put you at loss somehow. Therefore, go through the travel insurance policy as many times as you can. We suggest you go through it very keenly at least thrice.


These are the questions that you should be able to address if you’re planning to get a travel insurance. The process may be lengthy but you must not rush through it. If you got benefitted from our suggestions or have any suggestions for us, feel free to like, comment and share. .

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