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Relationships need constant effort and spark to keep both partners happy. It is in the little things that a healthy relationship finds happiness in. You and your partner do not need to spend thousands of dollars on gifts to keep the other happy.

Here are some basic things that you and your partner do that negatively affect your relationship.

1.You have trust issues

It’s always trust that either weakens or strengthens your love life, hon. Your relationship sucks big time if you cannot even trust him to go have fun with his other female friends on a Saturday night.

2.You’re high-handed

Accept the fact that your partner is capable of making their own decisions. Being protective is one thing and being condescending is another. Be their partner for once and not their mum ffs!

3.You compare your partner with others

When you’re in love, you stop caring about what other couples are up to as you just can’t get enough of each other already. But if you constantly compare your partner with anyone else’s and eventually feel bad about your relationship then maybe it’s time you give your relationship a second thought. So, either respect for what he/she has to offer you or get yourself out of that relationship.

4. You miss your time spent with your ex

This really is barbaric and unfair to your partner! Remember why you left him/her and maybe then you’ll stop missing them. Get some closure and if you fail to do that it means you were never ready for this relationship.

5. You cannot pour your heart out to them

Your partner should be your “person”. No matter what is going on in your life, you know that sharing your problems with your partner will magically lessen the pain. Let them be your bff aka your unpaid therapist.

6. You keep on noticing all the bad things he/she does

Stop evaluating your partner as if this relationship is a test that he has to pass. Every person has their flaws including you. If you keep making mind notes of their bad things, you’ll definitely miss out on all the glorious moment love brings you. So. Stop. Doing. That

7. You want them to change for you

If your partner is willing to change themselves for you out of love, that should always be their decision to make. You don’t get to control them in any way. Because honestly nobody signs up for something this big. Always love your partner for what they are. If you can�t accept each other flaws, then maybe you were never made for each other.

8. You are jealous of their success

This may kind of seen unnecessary initially but trust me you will regret being with such a partner who cannot celebrate your success with you. If you give up your interests just because your partner feels insecure about themselves, then you will eventually become demotivated and frustrated from your life and your relationship.

9. You jump to conclusions

If you don’t communicate as much as you should with each other, then naturally this will happen to either one of you. If you’re soulmates then you’ll know what they did and why they did it without even having them to explain it.

10.”I love you” has lost its meaning in your convos.

It’s always nice to hear these words. But because we say it so often we stop meaning it and this happens to every couple out there. The only thing to remember is to not take these words for granted. Only say it when you truly deeply mean it.

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