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What Is Coronavirus and How Scary Is It?

The world is witnessing the catastrophe of a newly found virus called the Coronavirus. It started from the Wuhan city of China. Apparently, the Huanan Seafood Market is the origin of this particular virus. The vendors of the market are said to be the first victim who carried and transferred the virus to others. Moreover, the Wuhan city is currently under a serious health emergency as the virus has taken over the city. Coronavirus has also spread to other parts of the world.

But what is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus like ebola and flu, started from animals and has now transmitted to humans. The virus causes pneumonia. A Conoravirus patient will have respiratory problems, coughing and fever.

Is It Deadly?

Unfortunately, yes. The Coronavirus can kill you. However, patients can recover from it and many have already because of a stronger immune system. An already ill patient if gets Coronavirus is at a higher risk of dying because of a weak immune system. As of 2nd February, 2020 the death toll has increased to 250. The hospitals are filled with Coronavirus patients and there is a wave of tension among the Chinese because of the rising death toll.

Is it just in China?

No, the virus has spread to other parts of the world too. Other than China, there are thirteen other countries that has fallen prey to the deadly virus. The whole world is responding to the health crisis that started from China and has entered other countries too. Countries are putting a temporary visa ban for the Chinese. Many airplanes, ships and other transportation were stopped at the border as reportedly some Chinese were diagnosed with the virus. Nobody from the cruise was allowed to enter the state. Countries have also banned visitors who have been to China in the last fifteen days as they are at a potential risk of being infected.

What are the maximum precautions one can take for it?

Those who are Coronavirus patients are advised to get admitted in hospitals as soon as possible. You being a patient of the Coronavirus puts others at a higher risk of getting infected. Moreover, admitting in a hospital will help you fight it as you will be able to cater your respiratory issues and fluids.

Those potentially at a risk of getting infected with Coronavirus are advised to wear an N-95 mask. Moreover, doctors are advising to drink more water and wash hands at least thrice a day till elbows. Eating food that is healthy and avoid consuming such meats that put you at a risk of being infected.

Coronavirus took the world by surprise as it was an unacknowledged virus till now. The virus even though is deadly but isn’t the deadliest virus the world has ever seen. Therefore, everyone must stay vigilant rather than just being scared of it. If you follow what the doctors are recommending you regarding the whole Coronovirus situation, you will be safe. This is all you need to know about it. Keep following us to get updates on this situation.


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