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Five Pakistani Facebook Groups That Make Your Timeline Less Boring

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. There are hardly anyone left on this planet that do not have a Facebook account. Every child, youngster, old age people at least know what Facebook is. However, being the largest social media platform also has its own disadvantages. Firstly, there is a lot of clutter as well as repetition on Facebook. Secondly, Facebook as compared to other social media apps has become less famous among youngsters. Youngsters are now shifting to other social media platforms leaving Facebook for their parents and grandparents. So, here are some popular Facebook groups that can give your Facebook timeline a new and refreshing face:

Foodies R’ Us

Foodies R’ Us is now a major part in the food industry. From international chains to a road side dhaaba, you can find food reviews of any restaurant on this Facebook group. Big companies like Haleeb, Olpers, McDonald’s or Lays engage with their target audience by arranging different contests on this and few other Facebook groups. Even the admin of Foodies R’ Us, Asad Sheikh is also kind of a local celebrity. Restaurant owners try their best that the admin visits their restaurant and writes a review on it. He’s treated as a food critique and people tend to follow him a lot.

ESR( Eat Sleep Repeat)

Eat Sleep Repeat is another food group that is very popular among Lahoris. This group arranges many food mobs around the year. The trend of bloggers meetup is very much practiced at this Facebook group. If you’re looking for a ‘sasta and acha khana’, then this group is every foodies go to.

MPFHS Bloggers ( Makeup, Photography, Fashion and Health Street Bloggers

MPFHS is a Facebook group where the general public interacts with each other and share their passion. The group is mainly facilitating females who upload all sorts of things there regarding anything they love. Women are uploading tiktok videos, makeup tutorials and are even selling products through that platform. Providing such a big platform that has become a source of income of many females is nothing but empowering.

Soul Sisters

To not include Soul Sisters in this list is making a fool out of myself. Soul Sisters is also one of the few Facebook groups that has become a major part in people’s lives. On this group, females share all sorts of personal experience and stories. They talk about their struggles on becoming a mom, a daughter-in-law and even an entrepreneur. The admin of this Facebook group, Kanwal, is loved by everybody. She interviews girls of her Facebook group, shares their stories with the rest of the world that inspires and gives hope to the one reading.

Subtle Asian Traits

The SAT clan is the most epic thing you can be a part of. The group shares memes and posts on something only an Asian is expected to do. The memes and the comments under it will make your day. If you’re a meme freak, then you’re already a part of this group. The famous Partriot Act host Hassan Minhaj is also a part of this group and finds it funny. Something funny approved by Hassan Minhaj is definitely worth joining.

These are our recommended Facebook groups that can make your timeline a little less boring. Get more knowledge, share a laugh or get a recommendation from others through these Facebook groups. What are some other Facebook groups that you find interesting? Comment below.


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