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Weird Food Trends We Blame The Internet For

What’s the most common thing people do at restaurants these days besides eating? Taking pictures! Whether its taking pictures of food, themselves or just that pretty looking wall in a restaurant, everything goes on the internet. This has made restaurants rethink about what kinds of foods and experience they are offering their customers. The idea of ‘instagrammable food’ isn’t a very old one. In the recent years, we’ve seen some new food trends that became popular for no apparent reason. Here are some viral 2019 weird food trends that shouldn’t be a part of 2020:

Rainbow Everything

We like to believe that it started from Rainbow cakes and that may have been acceptable but like everything else Internet overdid this one too. Rainbow colours could be found in anything that humans find edible. The rainbow grilled cheese got crazy popular. While that cheese pull looked satisfying there wasn’t anything else it had to offer. Starbucks, sinned too. The rainbow frappes they introduced were insansely popular. They actually looked veryyyy pretty. But then again what’s the point mixing different artificial colours that has nothing to do with the taste?

Gold Coats The World

This trend was created and followed by only richie rich people. Even celebrities were seen trying gold coated foods. Interestingly, Kim Kardashian’s bff Jonathan Cheban created a ‘gold coated wings’ and charges a shit load of money for that. If you’re in a mood to overspend a lot without caring if spending too much will be worth it or not, get the gold plated thing on theme menu.

Charcoal Infusion

The most emo food trend the world has ever seen is the black food one. Even after stepping into 2020, we still have mixed feelings about the use of charcoal in in our food. The worst thing about this trend is the same as every other. IT HAS NO TASTE. Why are people so invested in making something a major food trend when it does not have any taste?

Avacado Toast

Another food that got famous last year and is not going anywhere anytime soon is avocados. Avocado itself again doesn’t have a strong taste but is mild and bland. People do have varying opinion on avocados. However, we’ve seen that guacamole is loved by a lot of people. We are not against avocados as much as other stuff in this list.

So, these are some food trends that got viral in 2019. We are eagerly waiting what 2020 will be offering us regarding food trends. We sincerely hope that this is the year we get something that gets loved for at least a decade. So, have you tried any of these listed above? If not, will you if you get a chance to? Comment down below!

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