Abdullah Qureshi Slammed Air University’s Management

Abdullah Qureshi, poured his heart out on Facebook regarding his concert in Air University, Islamabad.

As soon as he hit the stage he noticed that the crowd was too far away. A lot of space on the front was occupied by the university’s management and probably their families.

He sang his first song like that but the crowd wasn’t enjoying it. So, he called his crazy fans to the front for the next song and as expected, the crowd went nuts!

The management walked up to the stage, grabbed Abdullah Qureshi from his shoulder and literally pulled him back.

They told him in a very disrespectful way to ask the crowd to go back to their places.

Now that’s when Abdullah got offended and took his anger out on social media and we completely support him.

He posted about the whole incident on his Facebook account as well.

We don’t know why the management got so pissed about, but their reaction was a very rude one.

This is like inviting a person to your place. As soon as they talk, you tell them to shut up because you don’t feel like listening to them anymore. Who does that?!

You see, artists use their talent to entertain you. They work their asses off to come up with that one song that you play so frequently in your car while heading off to work every morning.

It might not be a great deal for you, sir, but it is for them. So, when you invite them to perform on an event please keep that in mind. They come with the same passion and want their fans to enjoy those few hours of their life to the fullest.

Now even though there was a separate arrangement, they had no right to insult the artist on stage for mixing the crowd.

Yes, you might have paid him a handsome amount to come and perform but it does not and will not make him your slave!

The moment he stepped up on the stage, the show was his and his only. He had the right to do what he did on the stage.

Respect the artists. All of them. And don’t arrange such events if you don’t want the students to enjoy because they put in a lot of effort to manage the whole event.

People who are saying that a person who paid 3000 and who paid 700 cannot sit on the same seats. Well, maybe you are right to some extent but Abdullah was against the management’s condescending behavior not their arrangement.

Maybe if they had said the same thing with respect, he might have listened to them and none of this would have happened in the first place.

He also suggested that the next time they arrange such an event, don’t create compartments or have sofas as it was supposed to be a concert not a ghazal night.




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