Katy Perry Stole Someone’s First Kiss

Katy Perry, a famous singer who is also a judge on American Idol, decides to ruin people’s biggest surprises and she has been successful in doing so.

Benjamin Glaze, confessed in front of Katy that he had never ever anyone and Katy was like, “say no more, child!”

She invited him over to the judge’s table and kissed him!

And it was not a peck on his cheek. It was a REAL KISS!

Benjamin, a 20 year old boy, was a contestant on American Idol.

The contestant said that it wasn’t like Katy sexually harassed him. He said that it made him uncomfortable in a sense that he has not been kissed before and that Katy’s kiss was a surprise to him.

Later on, Glaze said that he was saving his first kiss for his first relationship.

People are bashing the celebrity by saying that this would have created an even bigger issue if a male had the audacity to steal a contestants’ first kiss.

Glaze updated his Facebook and said that it’s not like he’s complaining about the kiss!

He just thinks that it caught him off guard as it was his first time. Also, he blames media for wrongly interpreting and spreading these rumors.

He said: “I should have picked another song to sing and calmed myself down regardless of the kiss. I should have been able to perform under pressure.

“I do not think I was sexually harassed by Katy Perry and I am thankful for the judges’ comments and critiques. I was uncomfortable in a sense of how I have never been kissed before and was not expecting it.”

Now, for Glaze we just want him to know that maybe he learns to say no.

If he had refused to Katy, this whole scenario would not have happened.

And for Katy, we just want her to know that this was a stupid stupid stupid thing to do. In future when she plans on stealing another first kiss, make sure that the other person wants her to be their first kiss too.

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