6 of The Best Biogrpahies Hollywood Has Ever Made

Biographies are not something everyone watches and they are pretty much an acquired taste. The best biographies have the right level of drama, emotion and factual truth to them. There are many biographies which are so well made that they stick to your head forever. Every time you think or read about that person again, you will remember that one movie you watched about them.

If you are a biography lover you need to watch all of these best biographies from Hollywood.

The Theory of Everything

We obviously have to talk about the amazing life story of Stephen Hawking. “The Theory of Everything” embodies the passion and conviction Hawking had in him. The recent demise of the genius mind had made me go back to this movie and watch it all over again. The actor, Eddi Redmayne, played the role of Stephen Hawking and he was exceptional collecting the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in the movie. This needs to be at the top of your to-watch list as it pays a humble tribute to the genius of Hawking and his immense struggle in the name of science.  

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash, the Nobel Laureate for Economics, played by the amazing Russell Crowe, “A Beautiful Mind” takes you on an amazing journey. The movie is as interesting as ever developing on the paranoid schizophrenia Nash suffers from. The mathematician’s wonderful work on game theory got him a Nobel Prize. The movie plans out a mysterious and suspense filled screenplay and is a must watch if you are looking for best biographies.

Rebel in the Rye

If you have read Catcher in the Rye this one is for you. The movie is based on the struggles of J. D. Salinger. The movie is an epic reminder of how struggle and constant hard work is the only way for success because there are no shortcuts. Salinger’s work got rejected so many times before he finally published his novel and got worldwide success. The movie is brilliantly directed and shows that passion and hard work will take you anywhere you want to go. This is in the list of best biographies as it shows the failures of the writer as well and encompasses his personality as a whole.

The Social Network

Everyone uses Facebook now and it is the biggest social media network on the internet. It wasn’t like this since the beginning though. “The Social Network” is about the living legend, Mark Zuckerberg, who completely redefined how people connected with each other worldwide. The movie shows the struggles, rejection and lawsuits Mark faced. This is a story of one of the youngest billionaires ever and is an inspiration for all.

The King’s Speech

The movie is based on King George VI, father of the current Queen Elizabeth. He was the younger sibling and as such never thought he would one day be King. His elder brother, Edward VIII, abdicated the throne to marry the love of his life and then George VI had to take over. He had a stuttering problem and had to take special lessons from a private speech therapist before he could address the nation. The King’s Speech is a brilliant screenplay with wonderful acting and direction.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The real life story of American stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, it is every life lesson in one movie. Belfort made a massive fortune on Wall Street by fraud. He captured huge investors to give him millions of dollars and defrauded them. The shortcut to success never lasts long as the FBI and SEC finally caught up to him and his fortune was lost. Leo is undoubtedly one of the best actors in Hollywood and this is a masterpiece that he worked in.

These six movies show us how the people so well-known today had to go through so much to reach that point. Biographies humanize people we idealize and show us the struggles and life lessons they too learned the hard way.  

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