Life Is Changing Drastically In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has finally decided to change themselves with the world and it has turned out to be quite good for them. Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is the pioneer of all these reforms. He is very popular for his ambition and liberal thoughts. Over the past few months, the world has witnessed many unexpected things the Saudis are now doing. But here are some huge changes:

1. Women Can Drive

For decades, Saudi women were not even allowed to go out without their men. Women could not drive. These restrictions made Saudis look like a conservative and an anti feminist nation. Many women in the past were arrested for driving but the ultra conservative country has now pledged to change themselves by lifting up the ban. We must say that their start is quite impressive!

2. Cinemas Opening

After a long 35 year ban, Saudi government has finally made it legal to open a cinema there. The extreme Islamists were against mixed gatherings of men and women and therefore, banned all cinemas. Then, in December 2017, The Emoji Movie had the honor of being the first movie to be shown in Saudi cinemas after the ban. The movie though got poor reviews and it is said to be pathetic. With the ban being uplifted, other entertainment prohibitions, like concerts, can also be finally enjoyed by Saudis.

3.Trump Visit

US President Donald Trump gave Saudi Arabia a visit on his first foreign trip. The historic summit in Riyadh included more than 50 Muslim leaders and discussed the fights against extremism. At the summit, Trump said that he is here to offer partnership for a better future of everyone. Regarding terrorism, he said that the battle against terrorism does not target sects or faiths but it is a battle against barbaric criminals. A battle between good and evil.

4.Saudi Tourist Visa

The country has also decided to issue tourist visa including women. For the first time in history, women aged 25 and above are now allowed to have a 30 day entry without the compulsion of having a male with them. Impressive, right? This change has only been possible because of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s idea of a “moderate, open Islam.”

5. Wadjda- First Saudi Movie

Wadja is the first movie that is entirely shot in Saudi Arabia. It revolves around a girl who takes part in Quran recitation in her school to buy herself a bicycle. This was directed by the first female Saudi director. The movie won various awards in ceremonies around the world. It was also selected as the Saudi entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Award but was nominated.

For decades, Saudi Arabia as an Islamic state they banned stuff like music, entertainment and parties. Nevertheless, they are changing themselves now and have progressed a lot. They now want to stand beside the modern and powerful countries in the world. The Crown Prince has finally understood that they need to change their orthodox and unusual ways. If you ask us, we say that their Crown Prince will totally change them and bring them more towards modernization. What is your opinion on this?




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