This Is How Game of Throne Might End

Game of Thrones is not just a TV show. It is a global phenomenon.

If you are not up-to-date with the show this is where you need to stop reading because SPOILER ALERT.

The whole world is crazy about the show as the story unfolds into a chaotic and political suspense. The anticipation of the show’s ending has had us all sit on the edge of our seats. The next season will be the last season of the show and it doesn’t come back until 2019.

We know how frustrating waiting for the show can get and that is why we decided to think about all the possible and most plausible fan theories about the ending of the show.

1. Jon Snow Sits on the Iron Throne

He is definitely a fan favorite. Things usually do not end up well for fan favorites though we have reason to believe he will be the heir to the Iron Throne. Why else would we go through ALL that trouble of him dying and then coming back to life??? He is also a Targareyan as most say and thus, the rightful heir too.

2. Daenerys is the Khaleesi of the Seven Kingdoms

This also looks very likely. She is Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea and there are solid dragon chances of her taking over the seven kingdoms. Although what looked like an easy victory for the white blonde dragon seems difficult now. Cersei made sure half of her allies were dead and one of her dragons died too. If everyone finds out that Jon is a Targareyan she will not even be the rightful heir to the throne; unless Jon abdicates the throne in favor of love.

3. Cersei Wins the Game of Thrones

As she says “In the game of thrones you either win or you die.” These are quite literally the only two possibilities for the present Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. We know there’s a new baby Lannister coming as well and that has made her conviction to beat Daenerys even stronger. The Dornish Snakes are all dead and she has the support of Greyjoy as well. This could go well for Cersei.

4. Sansa Stark Takes Over

So we all know how inconsistent Sansa Stark is. She has been in love with a person like Geoffrey Lannister/Baratheon for crying out loud. Sansa is the only Stark we just do not trust. She could very well betray everyone on the planet and just take it all for herself. We saw a change in her character towards the end of last season. We also saw how the Northern Houses feel more loyal towards her than Jon Snow. She just might use that to her advantage and stun everyone.

5. Tyrion Lannister Stands As Tall As a King

Well this might sound as unlikely as any other possibility but Tyrion is a fan favourite. We know that Daenerys trusts him far too much. Things between Jamie and Cersei also took a bad turn last season and this might be an open gate for the union of the Lannister brothers. Basically Tyrion does only want Cersei to lose and this sibling rivalry will be interesting.

6. The Night King

This is the coldest and bitterest ending possible but now that The Wall has been breached and The Night King rides a dragon, it is more likely than ever. The ice cold stare and the power of the army of the dead. If he can kill a dragon with just one spear, what are horses and ships in front of him? The White Walkers are a force to be reckoned with.

However the show might end, it is a known fact that it will be bittersweet. Some of our favorite characters might live while the others may die.

Tell us in the comments who you root for to sit on The Iron Throne.



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