The Kebab Shop Emporium Mall – Food Review

It was a cloudy morning, the best kind of weather to eat out. So I and my friend decided to go to Emporium as their food court has a vast variety of food brands to choose from.

We had almost tried everything from the food court but my eye caught a new place in the midst of all the Burgers and Pizza brands, it was The Kebab Shop. I asked my friend to try the new place.

The ambiance was good but there was lack of service, we had to go get the menu ourselves. We also had to ask for condiments a thousand times before the server brought them to us.

Finally when we saw the menu there were a lot of items. However, almost all of them were desi items. We decided to order the specialty of the restaurant and that was doner kebab and Big Ben (meal). It looked delicious on the menu, so we were hopeful that it will taste good too.

The food arrived after 15mins and the Doner that I ordered was pretty underwhelming and so were the French fries that came with them. The doner was a tortilla wrap (because they ran out of pita bread) stuffed with vegetables and meat. The wrap was way too soggy, everything was falling out because the tortilla broke. However, the French fries were even worse, they were hard and bland and it was better if they didn’t serve them at all.

The second dish was The Big Ben. It was again a tortilla wrap stuffed with vegetables and meat but the twist was that it was dunked in egg before going on the hot plate. It was served with a side of French fires and fresh green salad. In all honesty the salad had no place on the plate, it looked like they were just trying to stuff the plate with everything they could find. Although the portion of this wrap was bigger than the Doner, it tasted the same. There was nothing special about the place, it was just one of those ordinary Doner places.

The Kebab Shop

My friend described it perfectly, the Doner was a Desi Subway and nothing more.

The value of money for the food that was served to us was not much. However the weather was good and the company was amazing so it didn’t bring our mood down.

I would give the restaurant an overall 5/10.

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