SMILES-An NGO Started By 2 Friends Has 30 Members Now!

People today have become selfish and self centered. Everyone puts their interests first and they nobody seems to think of it as something bad. With everything that’s wrong with this world, we know two ladies who have restored our faith in humanity.

When most of us were busy working for our futures, these girls, Kinza Waheed and Areej Bhatti, decided to help the neglected ones of our society. They started an NGO, named ‘Smiles’, 5 years ago and now they have their very own team.

We had the chance of interviewing Kinza Waheed, Co Founder of SMILES and asked her about her beautiful journey of SMILES up till now.

“To be honest, this was not something that was on my bucket list since day one. It all started from that one discussion Areej and I were having, on how blessed we are because we get to enjoy things in our life that most people can’t even afford their whole life.”

Our lower middle class literally spends their whole life struggling for basic necessities and that’s so so heart wrenching.


Children with weak financial backgrounds wish to play with the same toys that children of our financial setup get. It’s sad that those little angels have learned to compromise on things in such a young age.

It’s the responsibility of people like us to remember them in our celebration. A single toy, a decent meal or a pair of shoes won’t hurt our wallets much. Though the smile on their face when they get to put on those shoes is worth a million dollars!

And that’s when we decided that instead of just sitting here and talking about how bad we feel about them, it’s time that we should do something for them and SMILES was created for that purpose.”

Everyone needs a timeout from this hellhole that this world is. Therefore, we help the ones in need. Those who hardly ever get to chance to celebrate life.

In the last few years, we’ve successfully spread SMILES via these projects:

1. Khushian & Box of Happiness

This project was our visit to slums where clothes, toys and food were distributed. 

2. Old Is Gold

Old is Gold was the  project where we visited and old age home. All of us do get emotional while doing SMILES project, but specifically this one brought tears in all of our team’s eyes.

3. Koshish

Koshish was an orphanage home tour. As much as we enjoyed with the children there, we learned many things from them too. We left their happy little place they called “home” with a heavy heart.

4. Carnival For Special Children

We arranged carnival for “differently abled” children of a school. The headmistress of the school told us that she decided to open this school after she found out that her son is different from the normal children. She was such a nice lady!

5. Rang

Since people from lower middle class rarely get a chance to do something just for the sake of fun, we organized project Rang for them. It was an art competition between underprivileged schools. We were amazed to see how creative some students were. 

Kinza and Aima are the kind of people our society needs right now. We love and appreciate your kind heartedness towards these children. We wish you all the best for the future. Make Pakistan proud!

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