4 Times Meghan Markle Was a Queen Even Before Becoming a Duchess.

Meghan Markle, fiancée of Prince Harry is the epitome of feminism. Her charity work and talks on women empowerment has made her everyone’s favorite.

From Rachel Zane of SUITS to About-To-Be The Duchess of Sussex, she has shown the world that she is much more than being just an actress or the fiancée of a Royal family member. One thing that’s sure, is that she won’t be like the other Royals as she has already broken royal protocol several times. Take a look at the list on why she’s already our queen:

1.She’s an advocate for the UN

Meghan’s an UN women’s advocate for political participation and leadership. At the UN speech, she said that even though women comprise of 50% of the total world’s population but the parliament has only 11% of females. Women need to have the seat at the table where the most important decisions are made and if you don’t have a table, you create one!

2.She’s a Global Ambassador for World Vision

She has been a global ambassador for the world’s biggest charity for children for two years. She gave the children of Rwanda a visit where a little girl told her how she quit school because she had to walk miles to get drinking water which was also making her ill. The way she interacted with the children there was absolutely heartwarming. Her pictures with the children of Rwanda show that she is enjoys the work she does and children love her too. Meghan and the children drew paintings from water colours from the tubewell installed by the NGO.

She also went to India where she interviewed young girls and talked to them about menstrual hygiene. She wrote an article on it saying that menstrual hygiene is a stigma for the girls in India. If these girls don’t get hygienical products, it will effect their performance.

3.Meghan’s been doing this since she was 11 years old!

So, when Meghan was just 11 years old when a sexist ad by Procter and Gamble offended her. She decided to do something about it so she wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton, Gloria Allred and Linda Ellerbee explaining the situation. All three women replied to her letter and within a month the company changed the wording of the advertisement. She said that the day she got response on her action, she realized that her voice matters. If you speak, people will listen to you. That 11 year old girl became a feminist from that incident.

4.She’s breaking Royal protocol

She’s not British, she’s an actress and she has been divorced too. This has never ever happened in in Royal history and honestly, we still can’t figure out how this all happened.

Now as Prince Harry’s fiancee, as per Royal protocol Meghan is not allowed to communicate with the public one on one. Meghan, though, even when seen with the Prince, shakes hand with her fans and even give them an autograph occasionally.

Her dressing even though is very classy but her style is different from the Royals. The way she carries a purse instead of a clutch, chose not to wear stockings on a Royal get together and when she ties her hair in a messy bun, we love her non-Royal rebellious style.

Whether it’s her divorce, her casualness with the public or her dressing sense, this girl is breaking all the Royal protocol and we absolutely love that vibe.

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