It’s About Time That We Talk About Hum Tv’s Drama “Dar Si Jati Hai Silla”

Over the years, Pakistani Media Industry has urged their audience to talk on several social issues. They have come up with issues like marital rape, early age marriages and child abuse. This time Hum Tv decided to talk about an issue that is common in our society. After Udaari, Roag and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai, story of a girl named “Silla” on:

Dar Si Jati Hai Silla” written by Bee Gull is adding itself to this list by talking on harassment by family members. 

The lead role, Sillais played by the young and talented, Yumna Zaidi.

Her mother, Sadia is played by Saman Ansari.

Noman Ijaz as Joyiis the harasser who is also a family member(but not their blood relative).

Silla is constantly harassed by Joyi but she chooses to remain silent.

She is a highly introvert girl who gets scared of things very easily. All the other women in her house think that Silla is mentally retarded except her cousin Zaini.

Her father lives abroad and even when he visits them, her parents are always fighting. So, clearly talking to him is not an option.

Saadia, her mother, finds out about what Joyi is doing to her daughter. She begs him to leave her alone.

Joey is a very crooked man and already everyone thinks that Silla is mentally unstable. Likewise, Joyi has sketched a very pious and humble character of himself in front of others.

So, Saadia tells Silla that she should not utter a single word about this to anyone.

Silla then observes that something fishy is going on between her mother and her harasser.

She then finds out that her brother, Hatim, is her step brother and her harasser, Joyi, is Hatim’s father.

The drama portrays Sadia’s role as a woman who is unhappy from her married life and when her husband goes to abroad, she started having an affair with Joyi.

Nobody know that this whole thing except Silla, Sadia and Joyi.

Sadia begs Silla that if she tells any of this to any family member, both of them will get killed and even then Joyi will get away with all this. So, she remains silent about everything.

That’s almost everything that has happened till now on the show.

We really appreciate how the drama has been written. The actors especially Noman Ijaz is doing an excellent job as always!

We believe that this issue should be brought up as many times as possible so that we can spread awareness in our mothers and daughters.

We’re living in those time where girls are raped in public and nobody’s saving them. Young girls are kidnapped, raped, killed and then dumped in a pile of garbage. Our children are not safe. Not at school, not in homes and definitely not on roads.

If God forbid, something like this is happening near you, educate those victims that they are not the ones at fault. It’s the person who did this to you and he deserves to be punished.

There is no such thing as “unclean” or “used”. They are still the pride of their parents.

This is not something to be ashamed of. EVER!

They still have the same identity they had before that horrible incident.

And no, it’s not written on your face. Your friends or cousins don’t know what happened so don’t let this thought bother you. You are only defined by your actions!

Silence in the name of “dignity” is nothing but cowardness and that is not what you deserve!

Parents should not trust anyone. No one really knows what is inside someone’s heart. Your child shouldn’t be left alone with a stranger. You cannot and do not afford to take that risk. If anything happens, that one moment will change your child’s life forever.

Our society still doesn’t accept these incidents. Even today our girls are taught to silence themselves to save the family’s ‘dignity’ which is truly heartbreaking.

It’s about time that we educate our children on these things, so that if someone ever tries to take advantage of them they don’t get scared and speak up for help!


To find out what might happen if Silla decides to speak up against Joyi, tune in to HUM TV, every Wednesday at 8:00pm!


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