4 Struggles You’ll Relate To If You Have A Big Squad.

You’ve probably seen pictures of your fellow university/college members and their groups, with captions like “my squad is better than yours” or sometimes “we cannot see another squad tryna cross us”. Sure that looks cool and maybe at one time you wished to be a part of something like this. But here’s a secret not everybody knows: There’s no actual group that knows how to make squad goals!! 

You’ll face tons of different kinds of problems and meet different kinds of people if you ever become a part of a big squad and there’s a high possibility that you won’t get along with everyone there. And that is the moment when you’ll realise that you only need 1 bestfriend and maybe two or three friends in total to survive this life. All this rant was just to prove this one point: Big squads are pointless.

Here are four struggles you’ll face if you have a big squad:


1.Subgrouping is a must!

For the world we might be be a biggg squad but in reality we are divided into several groups or maybe couples.

That’s something that takes place with time as everyone is trying to figure out those people with whom they share their interests and all.

At times, this creates such a mess! Especially when it’s time for a hangout. One or two friends, will always make an issue of how they weren’t properly invited and make up their own absurd theory that “this was meant deliberately just to degrade and separate us from the whole group.”

Behen ki shadi nahi hai beta bus khana khanay jarahay hain! Aaana hai to ao werna maro side per! 🙂

People have double standards and not everyone has the stamina to deal with such low life stuff.

Is it intended to be this way? If yes, then what’s the point of even having so many friends. You could just hangout with a few because clearly, having a big group of friends just means having more drama.

2. More people, more expense!



The sound of the sentence “Let’s dig in” by one of my group members whenever I’m about to have my lunch really boils my blood. I mean it’s all I have and I don’t afford feeding you all everyday. Mere papa ki mill nahi hai. 🙂

Another problem is that the more people there are, more birthdays it’ll be. Now obviously, more birthdays means more expense. Kharchay per kharcha!!!!

So, you’ll always be short on money and some of us, unlike the rich brats, only get a few bucks to spend for the whole month and NO, WE CANNOT ASK OUR DAD FOR MORE MONEY.

3. Conflicts

With the passage of time we’ll all realise that some friends ain’t really our friends they’re sneaks!.

Some of them have issues in almost everything. They don’t agree what other says and they just want you to sit with them listening to their valuable opinion. Nobody actually cares, dude!

Whether it’s a birthday, a group assignment or even the daily cafeteria’s lunch order, somehow a big issue will be created and it will turn into a bloody fight!

More fights more conflicts. More drama, more tolerance level you’ll learn to build in your personality.

Big squads face a lot of fights and the hatred level increases. Trust me, that’s the last thing you want in your life.

4. Comfort Zone 

One thing that is crystal clear is that not everyone gets you. From those 10 or 12 twelve people in your group, there’ll be only two or three of them who can tell what’s going on inside your head just by looking at your face.

There are days when you don’t feel like talking and you can’t share all your problems with everybody. So, you just want them to leave you alone. You’ll be considered lucky if your group members are this much understanding and leave you alone. Most of the times, one of them will keep on poking you asking you what’s wrong until it gets super awkward. Surprisingly, instead of apologising for invading your privacy, he/she will get offended and from time to time, will taunt you with reference to that one event. That’s the point where your squad will give you the title of “moody aka sarhyal“. Well, don’t apologise for not feeling comfortable enough to share your problems with them. Just tell them to BACK OFFFF!

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