Pakistan’s First Transgender TV Anchor Marvia Malik

Tabdeeli aa nahi rahi, tabdeeli aa gayi hai!

Transgenders have never truly gotten a proper place in the Pakistani society. They have never gotten proper jobs. They only recently even got a CNIC. Now things are different with the first ever transgender TV anchor Marvia Malik.

To be in Pakistan and to be a transgender, you just know how hard life is going to be.

These human beings are not treated the same way as other human beings in our society. We all collectively make their lives hell and there is no excuse.

Transgenders in Pakistan are forced to do extremely odd jobs for earning a living. They all live together in dingy areas because no one allows them to live in nicer places. Most have to take up jobs like dancing in weddings and even prostitution. You cannot blame them for even begging on road sides; have a stomach to feed too.

Life has been difficult for them until recently when they were issued their CNIC cards. At least they were citizens and had the right to vote now. The KPK government also issued them driving licenses a few weeks ago. These are small issues of daily life that a normal person would never worry about, but they have to.

The first ever transgender TV anchor Marvia Malik changes the whole demographic.

The Pakistani news channel Kohenoor hired the first ever transgender TV anchor and has given their whole community a new chance. This is the change we wished to see in the society. Kohenoor has taken a marvelous initiative which encourages the whole nation to allow these human beings to get respectable jobs.

Marvia Malik’s new job is right in the public eye and it has been given to her on merit. She is a graduate in Journalism and has also previously worked as a model.

transgender TV anchor

Imagine her surprise when she was told she got the job because their whole lives, transgenders are made to believe they will never reach a certain height. As if they do not deserve nice things to happen to them.

The transgender TV anchor got three months of training and aired her first TV appearance last Friday.

Another great step that happened over the last few weeks was a Senate bill. The Senate of Pakistan recently voted in favor of a bill that will protect the right for transgenders in Pakistan. The bill also allows them to identify their own gender.

Marvia Malik was overjoyed when she got the job and has told the press that she on the steps to the dream she saw for herself. The private TV channel Kohenoor is firm on its stand that her job was awarded on merit. It is great to see that at least one TV channel can look above and beyond gender issues, maybe more will follow suite.

The news of the first transgender TV anchor may not sound like something big to you but it is an enormous step towards a better life for these people. One step at a time we all need to bring these people to our national mainstream.

Marvia still faces severe discrimination due to her gender as she revealed that even her own family has disowned her.

This is not an individual issue and when we look into Marvia Malik’s case we need to see the bigger picture. The person is as important as the issue. Transgender people in Pakistan desperately need equality and an overall acceptance into the society. This is only one step with a long way to go.

Individuals make up society and if transgender equality is something you stand for share Marvia’s message. Maybe it will grow to make a real change.




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