11 Best Songs of Pakistani Dramas Of All Times

Pakistani acting industry has many talented actors, directors and singers that come up with the best and unique dramas. As much as we love watching these dramas on television, we also love listening to their title songs. We get that weird satisfaction inside our hearts when our favourite drama has a very nice title song too. Here are some of the best title songs of Pakistani dramas ever created:


We love this OST as much as we love Saba Qamar’s acting in it. The lyrics are so on point. I suggest that you listen to this one after watching the drama. You’ll definitely burst into tears!

2.Tu Mera Nahi- Mera Naam Yousaf

Even though very few people have watched this drama but almost everyone knows its title song. This song has been on my playlist since long and still can’t get over it.


Bilal Khan’s melodious voice has taken this one to the next level. If you know the story of the lead characters in the drama, Ursula and Shahraam, and then you watch the video of the song too, I bet you’d be senti too.


The title song of daldal is as excellent as the plot of this drama. The pure and authentic punjabi accent of the singer makes it a masterpiece.


Hadiqa Kiani did justice to the song as same as Ahsan Khan did justice to his role “Imtiaz aka Matyaz” in the drama. From the story line, acting to the title song this drama was simply perfect in everything.

6.O Rangreza

The very talented and beautiful Sajjal Ali acted in this drama AND sung its song. Many actresses in the past have tried their luck in singing but it didn’t really work out for most of them. However, after listening to O Rangreza’s title song, we really think that Sajjal she actually has a chance at it!

7.Tu Mera Hi Rehna

One of the best songs were from “Tu Mera Hi Rehna”. The amazing Mikaal Hassan and the lovely vocals of Shujaa Haider are mesmerizing.

8.Aap bethe hain balin pe meri-Dhaani

The drama didn’t get the hype as much as its title song did. We haven’t seen the drama but the song is still one of our favourite from our playlist.

9.Rabba Mere Haal da- Digest Writer

One of those songs to listen to in your car and stare out from the window and zone out until the song is over. Perfect song for a road trip!

10.De Ijazat- Ijazat

Everytime we listen to this one we appreciate Ahmed Jahanzeb’s soothing voice. He gives us the feeeels! We want an entire album of Ahmed Jahanzeb’s song. WE MISS YOU!


This one won’t get old until QB comes up with something that’s ten times better than humsafar. We love it like the rest of the Pakistani awaam. Kudos to Nisar Bazmi(late) for such well written lyrics.

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