Ever since Syra Yousuf blessed the screen with her presence, we haven’t stopped crushing on her. The beautiful model turned VJ turned actress tied the knot with equally talented Shahroze Sabzwari in 2012 and they have been giving us couple goals ever since. You can disagree with me (JK. You can’t. Hah!) but theirs is the cutest couple in showbiz.

There are endless reasons why this couple is our favorite but here are a few just in case you need a justification to love them.

1. Syraaaaaa

Syra Yousuf is the number 1 reason to love the couple. She is the crush of so many people. It is impossible not to love her. I can just go on and on about her beauty and her grace and her delicateness and her elegance and her dressing sense and and and …

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You look best in everything Syraaa, trust me.

2. They take the cutest photos together

Both of them look so good together MashaAllah. Makes me cry every time.

3. They constantly praise each other

If you follow them on Instagram, you would know that they really like putting up photos of one another while admiring each other all the time. Honestly this kind of love is the love I crave for.

Just look at the cute af captions. MY HEART!!!!


They have a beautiful daughter together, Nooreh. It looks like she is the center of their lives. They like to put up her photos all the time.

5. Their love is strong thus they are couple goals

They started seeing each other in 2011 and got married in 2012. Their love is still strong. We provided you with enough evidence to prove that.

Would you just look at them? Just look at how cute and adorable they look together.

6. They are just cute

It is a well-established fact now. We want every couple to look like them. They are the ultimate couple goals.

Long live Sairoz. Keep giving us couple and cuteness goals forever.