6 of the Most Extremely Annoying Pakistani Television Ads

Pakistani television ads are getting better for a long time now. We have creative teams working on excellent ideas for selling their products.

While there are great ads, entertaining ads and emotional ads there are also annoying ads. This may as well be a marketing tactic because you never forget something that annoys you.

Some Pakistani brands have made a point of annoyance as their key strategy for marketing. The more annoying the tune of their jingle is, the catchier it gets.

We made a list of 6 of the MOST ANNOYING and pointless Pakistani television ads. Do not blame us if these leave a mark on your soul.

1. Ariel (oooh oooh)

Topping the list is Ariel with its oooooh ooooooh ad. I cannot understand for my life why these people thought this was a good idea. As if the ek dhulayi challenge and the constant battles with daagh weren’t enough. There had to be aunties making weird af cheering sounds.

This, for us, is the most annoying thing we see on our television these days.

2. Jazz Super 4G

Jazz normally comes up with nice ideas, which aren’t very creative. I guess this was their try for being creative, then?

The pointless ad has an even pointless theme which hardly even correlates to their 4G network. A guy is trying to propose to a girl and cannot fathom to even complete his sentence. We forfeit the right to say anything about the girl’s hairstyle because it is genuinely nice.

What is super annoying is how the other guy tries to help his struggling friend. The girl then ends up saying yes to the new guy and we are all like WHAAAAA?!

Jazz, firstly my friend, this makes no sense at all.

Secondly, my beloved, how does this say freaking anything about your network???

3. McDonald’s

Well this is a really odd addition to the list. Normally McDonald’s go out of their way with their marketing campaigns and ideas. Turns out this time they went wayward.

The ad shows a newlywed Ayza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi talking about their first loves.

Ayza tells Hamza how she can never forget her first love in an extremely Bollywood-esque way.

Burning candles and staring in mid-air she whispers 11-12-44-622 in Hamza’s ear revealing that McDonald’s is her first true love.

Well we all understand that there is no truer love than the love of food but how melodramatic was that direction? Major cringe McDonald’s.

4. Seasons Canola

So we have something special with wedding scenes, don’t we? We love depicting weddings whether it makes sense or not. This was probably the main idea behind this campaign.

The bride faints and falls down on her own wedding because she does not use Seasons Canola. THIS TOTALLY MAKES SENSE MAN.

Way to cash on the overly anxious brides-to-be.

5. Brite

Brite is on a hunt to find everyone the right bahu.

They have changed their business and are now a rishtay wali aunty.

The ad is about a daagh (no surprises there) that leads up to an aunty finding the right bahu for herself. What a coincidence you might think but it’s not.

The whole story is too far-fetched and gives unnecessary credit to Brite. An overall fail and very annoying.

6. Tarang

This is not one, but collectively ALL of Tarang ads are just the worst. They sell tea mix in the most atrocious and over whelming way possible.

Flowing, fancy dresses and exhilarant dancers everywhere like they are in a movie that only shows the Mughal lifestyle. Pakistani television ads do spend a helluva lot of money on production.

The whole theme just does not add up and every ad leaves us at awe. What do so much dancing and makeup and fancy dresses have to do with tea mix? No concept of effective and clever marketing AT ALL.

If we missed something and you have even more annoying ideas in your mind do let us know in the comments!

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