‘Khamoshi’ of HUM TV Has a Lot To Teach Us!

One of the best drama that is on air these days is “Khamoshi” on HUM TV. Even though there’s a love triangle in the story but it discusses relationship. All kinds of them. It basically portrays the life of those girls who belong to a mediocre family and are the only bread earners of their home. We’ve seen many cases like these where girls are struggling and sacrificing just to make both ends meet. They spend their whole life to make their sibling’s lives a little less miserable than their own.

The drama is beautifully written by Aaliya Bukhari and directed by the very talented Ilyas Kashmiri.

It tells the whole story of the girl ‘Arsala’ and her family.

Arsala’s role is played by Zara Noor Abbas.

Arsala is the responsible one of the two sisters. She is sent away to Karachi to earn money by her heartless family. She has made tremendous sacrifices along the way to support her family. Her father sends her away AND decides to break her engagement with her cousin, ‘Atif’, whom she loved the most.

Zara Noor Abbas has really played her role well. We cannot imagine any other actress who could’ve done justice to the role like she did. 

Affan Waheed plays the role of ‘Atif’ who is Arsala’s ex-fiance AND now her sister’s husband.

Arsala and Atif were engaged for a longgg long time. However, when they broke up, Atif’s love changed to hatred for Arsala and somehow, he decided to marry her sister, Naeema.

Iqra Aziz stars as ‘Naeema’ who is Arsala’s younger sister.

Naeema is a very self-centred and selfish girl. She has the support of her mother in all  cases. Both mother and daughter are very unjust towards Arsala. She manages to break Arsala’s engagement, sends her away and then decides to marry her sister’s ex-fiance. Wow! So below the level, right? If you’re wondering if that’s actually possible for a sister to do IRL then YES, THERE ARE SOME CASES!

Now, even though Naeema got married to Atif, he is still not completely over Arsala. Also, he doesn’t really love the crooked and annoying wife he now has. Bht achi horahi hai Naeema aur Atif kay sath.


Bilal Khan plays ‘Shahraam’ in Khamoshi.

Now, this is where we started hoping that this drama might have a happy ending. Shahram is the family friend where Arsala works. He falls in love with her personality (we love her too!). Shahraam is a rich boy and Nasreen Aunty, whose house at which Arsala works, wants Shahraam to be her son-in-law.

On finding out about Shahraam’s likeness for Arsala, she kicks out Arsala from her house and ridicules her in every way possible.

She’s the true villain in Arsala’s love story(which hasn’t even started yet!). Arsala gets support from BiiJaan (Nasreen’s mother-in-law) on which Nasreen starts treating that innocent old lady very badly. She talks to Arsala’s father on phone and tells him all kinds of crap about Arsala and Shahram, which he couldn’t bear listening and ends up dying of a heart attack.

Sabir, Arsala’s father, starts realizing how unfair they have been to Arsala and asks her to marry Shahraam moments before dying.

Every character has something for us to learn from them.

We learned from Naeema’s life that you cannot stay contented in your life if you steal an innocent’s smile for it.

Shahnaaz and Sabir taught us that when it comes to fairness, parents shouldn’t treat their kids differently. Each child has their own rights. Breaking Arsala’s engagement with Atif, sending her away to Karachi and not marrying her off to a decent man just because she was was bringing home a couple of bucks was a depiction of them failing as parents.

Arsala made us believe that actions speak louder than words. Her silence (Khamoshi) on every injustice that happened to her turned out as a reward for her. Instead of fighting for Atif with her family, or when being sent off to Karachi, she didn’t even utter a single word against any of her family member. It is true that whom God keeps, no frost can kill.

We are anxiously waiting to see whether Arsala will marry Shahraam or not. Tune into HUM TV every Saturday 8PM if you’re waiting to see this too!



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