An Odd but Awesome Thing Happened in Yesterday’s Match Which Made us All Smile

Something amazing happened yesterday during the match between Pakistan and West Indies at the National Stadium. The national anthem of Pakistan stopped midway but what happened next was awesome!

During the last few years, Pakistan Cricket Board has seen a major setback in the international cricket. Most of the international teams refused to come to Pakistan after the Sri Lankan incident. PCB has made tremendous efforts to revive Pakistani cricket. After a long 3 year wait, we had the honor of hosting an international cricket match at Karachi, Pakistan.

With terrorism, corruption and many other social dilemmas, we’ve constantly made efforts to show the world a positive face of us as a nation.

After the attack on Sri Lanka’s cricket team, it was almost impossible for PCB to host cricket in Pakistan. However, we managed to bring cricket back home and we couldn’t be happier.

No matter what the world says, we’re together as a nation.

After Zimbabwe, West Indies is the second team that agreed to play a match on Pakistani stadium. Some of Windies players including Chris Gayle and Captain Carlos Brathwaite decided not be a part of the 13 man squad due to security reasons but at least some came, right?

Pakistanis have a heart of a gold. We’re happy with what we have! We love to celebrate even the smallest happiness that we get.

Pakistan’s most watched sports is cricket and yesterday, a lotttt of Karachiites witnessed two great things that we’re proud of.

Our national anthem stopped playing!

Yes, that happened. Midway through the national anthem, because of some unknown technical issues, the anthem stopped and it got all confusing for the whole crowd. The beautiful thing that happened though, was that the crowd started singing the national anthem with the team out loud. It created this whole moment in the stadium. We could see Shoaib Malik smiling while this whole thing happened.

That one short moment showed that Pakistanis are still optimistic and motivated as a nation.

We could’ve criticized the administration for messing up the national anthem but we love how this situation has turned out for us!

Karachi sure knows how to host a match!

We won the match by 143 runs!

Another great thing we got to witness yesterday. This is the first time we’ve won by such a big margin. It is the second largest margin in T20s after after Sri Lanka’s 172 runs win against Kenya in 2007. Cricket comes home AND we make a new record. How often does that happen?

We love cricket and we love Pakistan. Kudos to those who still have hope for this country!

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