5 Times Hasnain Lehri Looked So Hot He Made Our Eyes Burn!

Pakistani men are handsome and third most sexiest in the whole freaking world! Our media industry is full of beautiful faces. A perfect, handsome and sexy Pakistani who took over the internet through his killing looks is Hasnain Lehri (Almost forgot that Chaye Waala dude!).

Hasnain Lehri is a 33 year old (I thought he was 20-ish!) Pakistani model who started his career as a model in 2014 and has been awarded as the best male model several times.

He’s the man of dreams for sure. Now, even though he looks 10/10 all the time, here are some looks that we find the best:

1. The Perfect Muslim Pose:

Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers. 

I don’t EVER go for cheesy pickup lines but things get a little different when I’m fangirling over Hasnain Lehri. When this picture came out for the public, it was all over our timelines and you can obviously see the reason behind it. Also, this is the epitome of when a playboy turns into a pray-guy. We totally love the change by the way!

2. The Perfectly Dressed Up One:

One thing that we love about models is that they look absolutely gorgeous in everything. They have this great sense of carrying clothes (I know this is what their job is but still) that people like us can’t have. Can you pull off these glasses like he did? CAN YOU? I mean you can try but nobody can look as hot as him.

3. Hasnain Lehri with that adorable child:

Who doesn’t like men who are good with kids? N O B O D Y. Look at him. HIS STYLE, HIS ATTITUDE AND HIS SMILE. Everything is indescribably perfect. I bet kids like him IRL too(I like guessing how he really is IRL). Who doesn’t like a face that’s THIS much pretty anyway?

4. The family goals guy:

OHMYGAWD! Umm, let me confess something to my readers. Since I have a major crush on Hasnain Lehri, in my fantasy world, this picture is taken by me(in the fantasy world!!) and Hasnain Lehri is one of the most handsome family friend of mine. We get along really well and the lady’s hands are actually of my mother’s. HOW OBSESSIVE  IS THATTTT HUH? :)))

5. The One Where He Had To Cut Onions:

Now, before I start drooling over Hasnain let me appreciate the photographer. He has really succeeded to capture the intensity and emotions in this picture. When I first saw it, I was like, “STOP CRYING YOU’RE SO HANDSOME”!!!!  Kudos to the one behind the lens.

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