Indians are So Offended by Shahid Afridi That They are Pooping All Over Twitter Now

So Indians do not care where they poop and we all know that. However, they have collectively decided to poop all over Twitter now.

Shahid Afridi has offended the entire Indian nation with just one tweet. In the popular culture terms, he has “triggered” every Indian.

Firstly it all started from this tweet where he so casually held an Indian flag but also had the audacity to talk about “innocent” Kashmiris.

In the light of the tweet Indians were outraged at the audacity of Shahid Afridi. People like Virat Kohli and Gautan Gambhir started talking about that. Similarly the rest of the Indian twitter is also outraged and taking it out on Twitter. The hate that Lala is getting over this is unbelievable.

Although Virat Kohli gave a very neutral and balanced comment on the matter, some of the other people have been making much lesser sense than him.

Gautam, you cannot even spell correctly what are you even trying to prove.

Similarly, Suresh Raina gave his two cents where they so did not matter. His tweet, much like his career, is irrelevant.

Furthermore, NDTV’s tweet was quoted by Asif Ghafoor. Shahid Afridi himself retweeted the comment by Asif.

We have seen time and again a rapid fight between Pakistani and Indian Twitter users over various national issues. Sometimes the Indians go overboard and sometimes Pakistanis do. The outrage coupled with the abuse form both ends has caused a nasty environment. In spite of all the good things about social media these days, it also has some dark sides.

Nevertheless, we have to really appreciate Shahid Afridi on how he has handled this whole scenario though. Indians have been pooping all over in his mentions after his comment about Kashmir but Lala has been respectable. He has been dealing this with a very cool head and has only mentioned that he will never think of playing in the Indian Premier League now.

Moreover, various Pakistani celebrities have also stood firm with Shahid Afridi. The national support for Lala after he spoke for innocent lost lives in Kashmir is commendable. We have stood next to our national hero.

Shehzad Roy tweeted his support for the cricketing legend by tweeting.

Pakistanis have also tackled this scenario in the best way we know how to: HUMOR.

Tweets followed right after the Indian backlash started and Paksitani youth have responded with some of the funniest trolls.

That is the best and worst thing about Pakistani Twitter: We can turn everything into a joke.

Pakistanis responded to Gautam Gambhir’s tweet with the wittiest replies and comebacks.

It cannot get any worse for Gautam Gambhir now, can it?

Trolling Indian media has ALWAYS been cool 😉

Lala has been making records since before he was born and this is a What The F*** Fact.

We salute you, CoAS Shahid Afridi.

The India-Pakistan war has always been petty and non-serious over Twitter. The jokes are repetitive but they still leave both sides laughing and “triggered”.

We have just witnessed the same thing all over again. We all need to take Afridi’s tweet for what it was and stop assuming there is more to it.

Calling him an ISI agent and other stupid allegations is just ridiculous. He is a Pakistani like all of us but what he said was mostly humanitarian. It had nothing to do with nationality and everything to do with being human.







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