Pakistani Muslim’s Disappointing Reaction on Child Molestation Video Made Me Wanna Quit Facebook

As a muslim, learning to read Quran and then actually understanding it is a pretty big deal for every single one of us. There is no respite for a child molester or child molestation sympathizers in Islam.

Quran is a big part of our life and Muslims try to build the habit of reciting it daily as it has major life lessons in it for us.

For that, almost all of us learned to read it from our Qari Sahab. Most probably the one who used to give Azaan in the mosque nearest to our house.

Now as disturbing as it sounds, we all know at least one person who was molested by their Qari Sahab as a child.

A person who teaches you your Holy Quran, is the same person responsible for child molestation. How disturbing is that?

Our Qari sahab whose job was to teach us Quran took advantage of us when we didn’t even know that it was something this much cruel. A Muslim who knows every single word of God’s sent book by heart and literally knows what’s written IN it does such a barbarous thing. Our minds still fail to understand how an act such as child molestation is even possible.

A few days back, a video went viral on Facebook where a mother enters a mosque and beats the crap out of that Molvi who tried to molest her daughter who is 8 years old.

We need less men like these and more mothers like that lady. As heartbreaking as it was, to see that mother stand up and protect her daughter from that animal was empowering in its own kind. Even though people were praising the guts of that lady, some comments on the video disappointed us so much.

Someone said that that Muslim woman ‘disrespected’ the mosque by barging in and beating that person up.

Oh yes, you’re right. A woman going to a mosque and confronting a person who molested her daughter is clearly a smaller issue. While that person who thinks it’s okay to molest children inside the mosque sleeps in peace. She should’ve stood outside and waited for him to come out whenever he’s done doing what he normally does in there, right?

Some thought that the mother should’ve just gone to the police instead.

Yeah, right! Like our police is already doing many great works. They’re very hardworking and honest to their jobs. Do you not know how many cases like these are unsolved or unreported because our police is not cooperative or empathetic towards us?

I mean who are you even kidding? The mother did the right thing, people. Nobody will help us. We’re our own protectors! Sure she should go to the police afterwards but by teaching him a lesson herself before is totally okay too.

Of course, one person just didn’t want us to JUDGE that man.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe he’s just standing there apologizing while he’s getting beaten up by a woman.Hmm, maybe he’s so so innocent he just agreed to took that blame on him. Yepp, totally makes sense.

These are the kinds of people who are new to this “don’t judge” thing. USE YOUR HEAD FOR ONCE. The point is not whether we’re judging that man or not. The point is that this horrifying thing has become a common practice in our society and the way that mother addressed that was so on point.

To all these people who took a minute out of their busy lives and contributed in the hate for that lady who stood up for her daughter, that mother won’t care about your stupid comment.

She has and she will keep on protecting her daughter from men like these.

Unfortunately, your comment is read by millions of people, Your Facebook comment does have the power of making or even completely destroying someone’s day. So you should watch your words. Positivism is always helpful. Know the strength of your words.

To all those people who showed support to that mother and praised the daughter for speaking up against that man, you guys are our society’s strength.

Keep supporting mothers like these who fight for their daughters! You made us proud. We need more people like you.

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