4 Times Jeremy McLellan was More “Pindi” Than All Pindi Boyz Combined

The US Comedian, Jeremy McLellan calls himself the US Ambassador of Pindi Boyz.

Yes, pindi boyz is always spelled with a Z not an S.

Jeremy visited Pakistan last year and since then has loved every second of it. He posted a lot about his visit to Pakistan and has ever since been an unofficial goodwill ambassador. Jeremy loves a lot of things about Pakistan and has really caught on to the culture of the Pindi Boyz.

In his Twitter bio, Jeremy claims to be a Biryani Enthusiast and a trainer for spy pigeons. He has been very vocal about the things he loved about Pakistan as he loved the people, the culture and the food.

We have all the reasons why he is more “Pindi” than all the Pindi Boys combined. Jeremy sees these people as their own and has always supported their way of life.

1. When He Stood up For Equal Centaurus Rights

So we all know how important a place Centaurus Mall is for Pindi Boyz. They turn out to be the best versions of their “Raja Jees” when they’re there. This place was where their legacy began and the same place is where it was threatened. No one but Jeremy McLellan stood up for equal Centaurus rights for the Pindi Boyz. Hashtag Respect.

2. When He Wore His Heart On his Shirt

Yes that is when he won all of our hearts too. Whether you accept it or not we are all Pindi Boyz at heart. This T-Shirt says everything Jeremy McLellan believes in. Raja jees and Pindi Boyz are his pride.

Whoever printed needs to learn the spellings of the word “boyz” though. Tsk Tsk.

3. Double Sawari on a Bike

The most preferable means of transportation for all Pindi Boyz is a bike. They always travel in twos, you will never see them alone on a bike. Even when their one wheeling they are two people on one bike. Keeping this in mind, Jeremy also rode a bike and that too with “double sawari”.

For added affect he also wore the Pakistani flag on his back as a cape.

4. He Takes Our Battles Seriously

There is a long lost battle for Biryani with or without potatoes. People have shed blood and lives have been lost to this one battle. Jeremy also knows how serious this is and we need to solve it as soon as possible.

He made a poll on his Twitter account about this as well:

Even though he was unable to find an answer to this question and the mystery remains. We truly respect the fact that he has taken this battle seriously and owned it.


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