5 Times “Log Kya Kaheinge” Killed Many Dreams

Living in Pakistan is as complicated as it is. We’re living in a society where each of our action is critically analyzed by our whole family and even neighbors. Society decides what we can and cannot do and it has killed so many of our dreams and ambitions. The young generation though is a lot different from their parents. They’re breaking stereotypes in each possible way. However, we have a long journey ahead of us. As long as “Log Kya Kaheinge” is concerned, it has finally stopped bothering us. People will always have something to say. They’ll eventually get busy in their own lives, so their opinion should not hold us back from following our dreams. Unfortunately, the Log Police is still interfering and destroying people’s dreams and we HATE this.

1. When you didn’t want to become a doctor/engineer.

Your parents and your siblings are doctors but you’re the only one who wanted to become an actor. How stupid! You can’t tell your relatives that you decided to go to NCA instead of King Freaking Edward. Sabb doctors mein ek marasi? What will the ‘rishtay wali’ aunty say? Don’t you wanna get married, dude?

2. When you wanted to hangout with your friend from the opposite gender.

This really pisses me off sometimes. The theory of “Larka Larki Dost Nahi Hote” does not hold everywhere ffs. We can and do have male best friends and NO WE ARE NOT IN LOOOOVE with them. While some parents are okay with you making friends from the opposite gender, the thought of your ‘phupho’ knowing this haunts them at night. Which is why we can’t hangout with our bestie because what if your phupho sees you with him/her?

3. When you couldn’t travel alone

This one’s for the girls (well, mostly). Many times we dream about going to the northern areas with our friends but our parents are too afraid to let us travel alone. Now, not allowing us to go to a trip alone might be acceptable for some of us. But leaving a very good job that is in another country just because we are girls and ‘akeli larki khuli tijori’ hoti hai IS NOTTTT ACCEPTABLE. It really breaks our heart when our brothers are allowed to go pursue their career abroad and we are not! If your girl is talented and has the ambition in her, let her go.

4. When you wanted a divorce

TALAAQ, TALAAQ, TALAAQ. The day you hear these words, the society will disown you. No matter how hard the marriage is for you, you are supposed to compromise and make it work until your last breath. Pakistani aunties believe that women who are divorced have nothing ahead of them. They’re doomed. The purpose of their life is finished. To all the ladies out there, if you feel like your marriage isn’t working after all the efforts you’ve put in then get out of it. You don’t have to be in a toxic relationship because ‘Log Kya Kaheinge’ is not important than your mental health.

5. When you wanted to support your family as a girl

Being a girl has its own set of problems. If you leave it to the Pakistani aunties, they’ll marry you off as soon as you learn how to talk. For them, that’s the only way a girl should spend her life. Even if you decide to become a working woman, whether married or unmarried the society will drive you crazy. It will actually make you wanna quit your job at one point (don’t do it though!). No matter how much you earn, a typical Pakistani father or a husband will not accept your money regardless of the fact that you earn it after so many sleepless nights and hard work. They won’t ask you for money, no matter how direly they need it. The only reason they have is that it is earned by a ‘woman’. Haww haye!

Not tagging your friends who countered a similar thing because you’re afraid of ‘log kya kaheinge?’ 🙂 

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