4 Struggles Overseas Pakistanis Have To Deal With

We all have that one uncle and his family who is living abroad. We love them for bringing gifts from there. While the idea of living with angraiz fascinates us very much, we have no idea how much pain they go through to live miles away from their homeland. From finding jobs to owning a house, overseas Pakistanis have to struggle with so many things, us living in Pakistan cannot even imagine. Here are just a few of them:

1. Trying to adjust in the new culture

Trying to fit in a new culture and people is a lot more difficult than we imagine. You’re constantly struggling to deal with culture shock. Good for you if you manage to adapt all the new things that culture brings you. However, if you fail to cope up with this change, you will constantly feel like you’re out of place. It will make you depressed and you’d want to go back to where you belong in the first place.

2. They miss the Pakistani food

Let’s face it. Oven baked chicken with assorted vegetables can never beat the deliciousness of Lakshmi Chowk’s Chicken Karahi. No matter how many desi restaurants open up on a London’s food street, it will not have the the tasty brain masala of Lahore’s food street. We feel bad for overseas Pakistanis who are missing out on desi food.

3. Islamophobia

This is a serious issue these days. As a Muslim living abroad, you not only face racism every day but your life is seriously endangered. Mosques have been reported to be set on fire and hijabs have been snatched and pulled off Muslim women’s heads. A few months back, an “attack a Muslim” day was announced on which you’d get points on the level of attacking. We’re genuinely worried for our overseas Pakistanis because of such events.

4. Rishta Hunt is a lot more difficult

The rishta hunt gets so much complicated for our relatives living abroad. Now if you’re a Canadian national girl looking for a rishta of a Pakistani boy, you have to trust your guts that he is not the kind of boy who’s doing it just t get Canadian nationality or any other nationality for that matter. Similarly, if you’re a boy living abroad, the level of trust from the girl’s side is relatively low as compared to a Pakistani rishta. This is because we don’t know if you’re in love with a gori there and maybe marrying a Pakistani girl is something only your parents want. Even if all of this is not true, you’d have to face many other problems with a Pakistani rishta.

As much as settling abroad fascinated us, we should be aware of the problems it will bring and he severity of them. Make the right decision, apply through a legal way and prepare yourself for the difficulties it will bring you.

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