Another Child Rape Victim Demands Justice from this Cruel World

There is no difference in the miseries of Zainab and Asifa. She suffered the same fate across the border.

Asifa Bano is another child rape victim in Indian held Kashmir. Coming from the family of a nomadic tribe Asifa was only eight years old. She was gang raped by a group of Hindus who had some issues with the Muslim tribe.

Humanity knows no boundaries and so does barbarism.

Asifa was only eight years old and whoever had the audacity to do what they did to her cannot be human beings. They neither have a heart nor a conscience. Nobody deserves to go through what Asifa Bano went through, whether she is Pakistani, Indian, Muslim or Hindu. Rape is never justified and India is outraged the same way Pakistan was.

The matter has gone more out of hand because the alleged rapists were attached with the ruling BJP. Keeping in mind the open negativity BJP spreads about Muslims in the country the story has taken another turn.

Asifa Bano was a girl, first offence, eight years old, second offence, and she was from a poor Muslim family in Kashmir, third and final offence. Sentence: Convicted to eternally haunting misery and gang rape.

Indian celebrities, specifically those who are Muslims, have started being very vocal about Asifa’s case. Demanding justice, if there ever is any, the outrage started when the government supported the accused who are part of BJP.

People like Sania Mirza and Farhan Akhtar have made it clear who disgusted and angry this has made them. No matter what someone says, this isn’t even about a Hindu-Muslim difference this is a humanitarian issue.

What Sania Mirza said mirrors the feelings of all Indians on this matter. Just not the ones who are sickening enough to support rapists.

Rahul Gandhi was also part of the outrage and the hashtags #Kathua and #JusticeForAsifa have been trending since then.

The accused include one special police officer as well. The Indian ruling government party BJP have been defending rapists. They are defending gang rape and murder just because of the religious sentiments associated with it. In other words, they think it was okay to gang rape an 8-year-old because she is a Muslim.

I cannot even wrap my head around the fact that Asifa Bano was only 8 years old. When I was that age my biggest worry was getting up so early for school. The only time I cried was when I didn’t get the toy that I wanted so badly. The only thing that hurt was the head bump I had after falling down the stairs.

Asifa Bano was gagged, kidnapped taken to a temple and kept there for days. While she was there she was gang raped – repeatedly – tortured and then murdered. None of us can even begin to realize what she went through. My hands tremble even when I type this out.

She was just an innocent child who did not even get the chance to see the world. She was brutally murdered before she could even comprehend what those animals wanted from her.

This case has also highlighted past gang rape cases from India that led to nowhere. The infamous Delhi gang rape and murder case of a 23-year-old has also been in the highlights.

India grieves both the death of an 8-year-old and the death of humanity.



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