Ayesha Khan’s Marriage Has Took The Internet by Storm

All across the world, the news of our major crushes getting married is giving us mixed feelings. A lottttt of them have decided to get married this year and we just cannot digest all this information in such a short period of time! Be it The Royal Wedding, Deepika and Virat’s (followed by that honeymoon meme of theirs), Feroze Khan’s marriage or now Ayesha Khan’s (she’s my girl crush jbtw) wedding. The year 2018 is officially announced as the year of marriages. We truly pray that is a year of happy marriages too!

Ayesha Khan getting married to Major Uqbah is the talk of the town these days.

She said her last goodbyes to the media industry a month back. She proved to be more than just a pretty face by doing some selective but outstanding roles. We are wonderstruck by her latest performance in “Khuda Mera Bhi Hai” on ARY Digital when she announced that she’d be leaving media industry. It broke our heart in so many pieces.
However, the news of her getting married made us ten times happier than the news of her leaving the industry made us sad.

Ayesha and Uqbah got engaged a year ago and have known each other very well many years before that.

Ayesha wanted to get rid of the limelight she normally gets, so she wanted her wedding to be a very personal event for her. However, pictures of all her events went viral and our newsfeed was flooded with them.
To say that she was looking beautiful on all her events is an understatement.

She looked like the queen of all goddesses.

She actually set new benchmarks for all the brides in the world.

On her Nikkah,she wore a cream colour shirt and dupatta with a mint green gharara.

Look at these cuties holding hands on their nikkah. :’)

On her Mayoon, she decided to go all simple with her naturally pretty face and wore very less makeup.

Like any traditional bride, she just wore the flower jewellery and a yellow dress and that was enough to make her the prettiest mehendi dulhan I’ve ever seen. Ayesha walked to the stage with two of her best friends from the industry, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Gohar Rasheed. Talk about guy best friends goalssss!

On her Mehendi, she wore a maroon choli with a lemon grass dupatta.

Major Uqbah’s maroon colour of his waistcoat matched Ayesha’s maroon colour. She decided to go the untraditional way on Mehendi though by not wearing too much yellow.

She wore a tea-pink dress on her Baraat.

Ayesha’s choice of all her dresses, especially their colours, were very unique and beautiful. Major Uqbah wore a cream colour sherwani with matching qulla (turban) with Ayesha’s dress. The couple really compliments each other Masha’Allah.

On their Walima, Ayesha wore a golden dress with a touch of maroon.

It. Was. Perfect. Major Uqbah, though, wore his Army uniform and he looked so cool. We love how different yet beautiful their clothes were.

Even though their functions were small and there was no celebrity glam there, their wedding was discussed by almost every Pakistani. More specifically on how ravishing Ayesha Khan looked on all her wedding days.

The fact that we won’t see Ayesha’s beautiful face and amazing acting on screen at all is actually upsetting us. Ayesha made a lot of fame and crazy fans through her talent during her 18 years as an actress. We will miss her!

We are very for her and Major Uqbah and we wish them a happy married life ahead.

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