These 13 Cakes That Are Super Cringe

Who doesn’t like pretty looking cakes on their special day? Whether it is your birthday, wedding, an engagement or a bridal shower. There is a cake for all occasions. But we also found some cakes that are so ugly that no would want them on any occasion.
If you bake cakes DO NOT take these as references. These are some of the worst ones to ever have come out of the oven.
Food should never look so bad that it is almost inedible. These cakes went wrong on so many levels.

1. This Non-Subtle Announcement

2. We didnot “eat” your “cake”

3. Really Hope The Baby Is Healthy

4. Thank you?

5. I Will Murder You Cake

6. Push This Cake Out The Window Olivia!

7. At Least its Chocolate..

8. That is Very Thoughtful

9. You Are Fired

10. Someone Killed the Three Eyed Raven

11. This Cake is Supposed To Fix Everything

12. At Least This is Honest

13. Challenge Accepted

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