Manchester is Blue and Bald as Pep’s Men Become Champions of the Premier League

Manchester City have painted the town blue as they seal the deal on the Premier League 2017/18.

Our Time. Our City. This is what Manchester City tweeted out when they won the league under some unexpected circumstances. The win came after second place Manchester United lost to bottom table team West Brom. They handed the title over to City even after a wonderful performance in the Manchester Derby a week ago.

Pep Guardiola has always had a hard time trying to convince the world he is a great coach. Otherwise also known as Fraudiola, he might have shut down his critics once and for all. His team have only been beaten twice in their fantastic title run and no one ever stood a chance this season. It was all Manchester City with raining goals.

After facing three consecutive losses the whole squad was rejoiced by the Premier League win.

Manchester City lost two legs of the Champions League Quarter Finals to rivals Liverpool. They also lost a League match to rival United who made a superb comeback after being 2-0 down. City could have won the league beating United, but that didn’t happen. The victory wasn’t far away though because United lost the very next game.

Vincent Kompany, the City captain, has asked his teammates to keep the spirit up. He recorded a video message for them.

The celebrations were at their peak in the Blue Manchester as the League Title is a massive win. With the remaining five matches of the League, Manchester City could end their League run with more than 100 points.

Pep Guardiola has now added one more accolade to his decorated cabinet of trophies. He did it in Spain, he did it in Germany and he’s done it in England.

Manchester City players were obviously enjoying themselves after the win. Kevin Du Bryne, Raheem Sterling and others tweeted out congratulatory messages for fans and fellow players.

His Highness Sheikh Mansur also celebrated the win by cutting this giant cake with the City badge. If you do not know this, he is the owner of the club Manchester City and belongs to the ruling family of Abu Dhabi.

Rival club manager Jose Mourinho who is known to be a sour loser also appreciated City’s beautiful football this season. He said:

Sooner or later, they would get the points, so no dramas when the best team wins the league.

Guardiola had won back to back trophies with his former clubs FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich. His first season with Manchester City was the only season of his managerial career that went without silverware. He has received his fair share of criticism about his coaching style and spending limits. No one can be bitter about amazing level of football though, not even Jose Mourinho.

City have played the best football of their history (it is a rather short history) under Pep Guardiola. They have outclassed and outshone every other English club and deserve to be crowned the Champions.

Even Tinder swipes right for Manchester City. Maybe they have a thing for bald men too? 😉

The City players were all enthused as they celebrated their historical Premier League win. The all new profile pictures and tweets truly made Manchester blue. Look away, United fans!

We hope to see an even better and competitive run for the Premier League next season. Till then, Pep Guardiola can go back to playing golf!

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