First Ever School For Transgenders Opens Up In Lahore

Pakistanis have great potential and they’ve proved it time to time. Our society has changed for the better as we have made a transgender school in Lahore to help with their education and equal rights. We have fought many social issues and have finally talked spread awareness about taboos.  This time, Asif Shahzad sent the world a message that our transgenders should be given their rights by opening up a school for them in Lahore.

The ‘Gender Guardian’ is Pakistan’s first ever school for transgenders.

It is the first project of NGO Exploring Future Foundation. 

The Gender Guardian offers 12 years of academic education and then college.

It takes only one incident or sometimes only a sentence to bring change in your society or even in yourself and this transgender school is that change.

In Asif’s case, it was the incident where he got to know about the only transgender school in Indonesia was bombed in 2016.

This is where Asif and his team decided to change this unfair tradition of having no schools for transgenders.

The school offers different diplomas for the students there. All the diplomas are designed according to the field of interests of students. Most of the diplomas are related to fashion, cosmetics, stitching, culinary skills and embroidery.

The NGO will not only give them diplomas but will also help them in setting up their own business afterwards.

30 people have been enrolled in the school so far.

There is no age limit for students.

We talk about gender equality all the time yet we forget to give basic rights to this community. Transgenders have faced discrimination in ways that we cannot even imagine for so many years. Society treats them like dogs and they’re abandoned by their own family.

To understand that they are talented too comes far after understanding the fact they deserve a normal life.

They deserve to live with their family, go to school and then get a job like the rest of the world. We cannot express how proud we are of Asif Shahzad and his team for such a great work. May this serves as a stepping stone for the rest of them.


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