Everything You Need To Know About Sham Idrees’s Accident

Sham Idrees, a Canadian national Muslim Vlogger and her best friend Froggy met an accident a few days back. Sham Idrees’s accident is all we can see on our social media accounts these days. They’re best friends who post different kinds of vlogs together.

Apparently, they’ve made two teams TeamFroggy and TeamSham. They both challenge each other stuff or play pranks on each other. As soon as their vlog is out, the rivalry between TeamFroggy and TeamSham intensifies. The viewers literally start dissing each other in comments all day.

Their recent vlogs are on the accident they both met with on a highway. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

1. Sham Was Driving When This Happened

Sham and Froggy were heading somewhere and this happened in middle of a highway. According to them, a car came out of nowhere and hit them from behind. Sham was driving the car (which got smashed and destroyed there and then). Before getting hit by the car, Froggy looked back and saw the car coming. The scene really traumatized her. She said that it was a near death experience for her and she’s glad that she’s alive. She also said that Sham’s reflex is what actually saved her.

2. Froggy had a Concussion

Now this thing happened approximately two days after the accident. People who’re not really fond of these two, raised a question of why she had a concussion two days after the accident. Froggy replied to all her haters to go check out the meaning of a concussion. She constantly felt pain in her head but she didn’t bother to get it checked. The pain intensified after two days and that’s when she got admitted to the hospital.

3. Sham Didn’t Really Get Hurt:

He just hurt his arm a little and got a slit on his tongue (the reason why his mouth was bleeding all the time during the first vlog on all this.)

4. People Think Sham Idrees’s Accident is FAKE!

They got a lottttt of criticism on these vlogs. A good amount of viewers expressed their anger in comments saying that this is nothing but a publicity stunt and they’re just doing it for views and followers (even if that’s true, they successfully did it guys). If Sham Idrees’s accident was this bad and serious, what was he doing recording all of it and Froggy’s also acting stupid and goofy in the video. Her reaction was so not an expected or normal one.

5. They’re Saying They’re Not Lying

Sham and Froggy sat down and explained what really happened. He said that as a v-logger he’s recording almost 6-8 hours of his daily routine. Froggy also added that viewers should be thankful that they share their life with them and death is not to be played with and this was so not a fake v-log.

6. Sham Idrees’s Accident Was Real…NOT

Now we cannot deny that nothing really happened. There was an accident and they were present there. But we don’t think that it was a really big deal and so not a near death experience.

Not to be insensitive, but nothing got dislocated and nobody died. Sham got a scratch on his tongue and an injury on his hand. They portrayed it like they saw hundreds dying in that accident and they were the only lucky ones who are alive.

With the amount of v-logs they’re uploading on this one accident, you can soon enough expect a ‘Froggy has PTSD’ stuff type v-log. You guys are safe FFS. Stop making a big deal out of nothing. We pray that nothing really big ever happens to you too. Peace out.

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